DCSager Productions is…

DCSager Productions is my company created to take my services and creative outlets and blend them into a hybrid of Production and Service, or as I like to call it: Pro-Service.

Services I offer

The base services I offer are the following:

  • Computer Consulting
  • Web Design/Development
  • Videography
    • Event videography
    • YouTube videography
  • Basic audio recording
  • Basic Photography

After acquiring my AAS in Computer Information Technology I spent 1.5 years in the Computer Hardware Support industry with Menards, INC. Then I felt the doors opening to go back to school and I’m studying Communications at Moody Bible Institute, focusing in Videography and Audio Engineering.

I have several IT certifications, have been doing audio and music work with churches since 2009, and working with live video production since 2014. There are many more services I can offer so please inquire, if I cannot help you, I might know someone who can!

Creative outlet

The primary part of DCSager Productions that is visible to you is my creative outlet. From Blogs, Vlogs, Music Videos, Funny Videos, Original & Cover songs, and Photography/Photoshop I try to do a bit of everything and let others see it. The more practice I get the better I will be! If you want to get in the creative process with me contact me!

Why you want to get involved

If you need any help with technical issues, or projects check my services and contact me to see if I can help you, or direct you to someone that can help!
I also love having creative friends, if you would like to collaborate reach out to me! I love being involved in creating things.
Then before you leave, put my business somewhere you can remember it when you need help!

-David Sager