The move

The question that always arises when beginning to write something is: “what to write? where do I begin?”

I’ll start from where I think the story starts.


Twas a time not so long ago, in a not so far away place. There lived a boy who though he had reached adult age, was graciously under the protection of his father’s castle. One day a growing empire heard of the boy’s skills in the arts of electronic wizardry, and could not pass up the opportunity to offer him a position within the vast empire.
The boy considered the offer, and after many adventures and encounters with closed opportunity, the boy accepted the offer.
Within the span of a month, the boy packed everything he owned, organized the trip, and acquired a place of shelter.
Though the boy knew he was leaving his home, family, and friends…. going to a place where he knew no one… he found peace in his creator.
After careful consideration he realized that his life needed to be altered to give more to the creator, that good enough, or “a priority” wasn’t enough. The creator demanded utmost, and first attention.
As the revelation came about the boy started to consider the man he wanted to be, and the man he needed to become.

Though he is currently alone (physically), he is in friendship with the creator.
Though times may be hard, he is not by himself.
If the creator is with him, who can stand against?
Does not the creator love him, cherish him, and keep him safe according to HIS will?
He does.

You see, God loves each of us.
I am the boy. My creator is with me. As long as I cast my cares on Him, focus on Him, love Him, pursue Him, I am comforted.
I am blessed to know in my soul that God has me here for a purpose. I’m supposed to be in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for this season of my life.
But the road to stick on God’s path is not always easy. The enemy will attack.

I ask of you that you keep me in your prayers.
Pray for me as I seek new friends, that they would be godly.
Pray for me as I seek my reason for being here, my mission, God’s desire.
Pray for me as I am away from my family permanently.
Pray for my family.
Pray for wisdom and guidance.

In Christ Alone,

David Sager


One thought on “The move

  1. Praying for you David and your family. I remember when I moved from IA to Auburn, IN. It was not an easy adjustment. I had to learn to accept help from those around me and that was hard because I wanted to be independent.
    I know God is doing and going to do great things through you. So keep us posted. If you get lonesome you have a big family that loves you and would love to talk with you. Plan a Skype date with your parents often…that will help them. I know when Kaity was in Argentina that helped me cope with her being there. Love you!! Can’t wait to read the next chapter in your story. 🙂

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