The title of the new year

There are so many things I could write if I sat down and actually put my mind to it.
The problem? I let other things get in the way. I become distracted and use my distractions as excuses while I waste gifts, and talents away.

Now I’m not saying that anything that way is going to change this new year. No, I’m done with new year’s resolutions. They died long ago when I realized I kept aiming for stuff that was out of my control.

What am I saying?
Well besides for just writing my thoughts down as I am thinking them I do have one thing to say.
This is my word of wisdom to all of you,

Pursue your dreams, discover your passions, and don’t give up.

I tell you this so that you can look back on your life and have no regrets. If you wanted to be a singer but never tried, in 20 years will you look back and regret it? If you didn’t pursue your dream job/career will you regret it?

Your dreams will change in time. You won’t be the same person next year, or the year after that. The question is will you regret not taking chances.

For me personally, I do regret not taking more risks, to live on the edge for once and take a chance.
So this is what I plan on doing:

I’m going to change.

Sound simple right? It’s not.
My objective this year is to refocus, prioritize, pursue, and live life. I’m tired of wondering “IF”, “Perhaps”, “Should I have?”
This year is going to change. starting with who I am. Who I want to be. And who I will be.
Simple, no. Needed, yes.

Use discretion as you go on from here:
Go live life and don’t waste your dreams!


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