If only’s….

Such a dangerous question, “If only…”

That can a be the question that makes us or breaks us.
It can be the question to make us question our past, or figure out a way to pursue our future.

If you are like me you enjoy wasting your mind away with entertainment: Video games, movies, books, music, etc. (Not that those are bad. Cause they are not.)
Like me you may subconsciously use these great things in life to hide from your troubles. You may be a dreamer, like myself, who gets lost in another world waiting on adventure. Perhaps you are exactly like me in that once you hit back to reality you’re over active imagination wants to go off on an adventure. You mind races with dreams, goals, ideas, and then reality comes in again…. this time using the perspective of your life you’re dream self doesn’t want to see: the real you.

Not to say that the real you or me is boring, or dull, or stupid, or pathetic. We aren’t.
But honestly, I can’t say that I’ve given up the dream of being a super hero. Something inside of me screams: Be BATMAN.
Though i’m pretty sure if I were batman, I would go to the gym instead of sitting home watching cartoons.
Or would I?

My encouragement to you, as well as to myself, is to live a little. Put those dreams into motion and don’t give up so easily.
We may end up beginning the greatest adventure of our lives!


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