Can you see where you are going?

Have you ever wondered, where you are going?
Have you ever questioned, what is your purpose?
Have you ever carefully considered what your dreams are, and where they will take you?
Do you catch yourself thinking ahead and worrying about where to go? What to do?

If you have, or you currently ask yourself these questions, I personally want to welcome you to the club we call “The human race”.

Whenever you feel like you are lost. You don’t know where to go. You question what your purpose is, or what life is all about, You end up starting up a process called thinking. Bizarre, I know.
The funny thing is that sometimes we don’t think. Or if you are like me, you do think… but in such a rapid fire distracted way that thinking things through all the way is a rarity.

My goal right now while writing this, is to make you think. Why? Because I have to think about what I want to say, and type it away, and if I have to do some work, you need to as well.
With that being said, may I ask you a few questions?

These question are for you, and you alone. It will go like this: I ask a question, then you think about it and figure out what you do with the answers you find.

-First things first. As a follower of Jesus Christ a lot of my questions will reflect the mind set of a believer. You may find that these questions don’t reflect your beliefs. That’s fine. You and I can respectably have our differences.-

1. What are you passionate about?
2. What are your dreams?
3. Have you ever thought that since God created you, and knows you, that He would know your dreams and passions?
4. Since He does know you, don’t you think that it may be possible that He created you with those dreams for a purpose? -Now if your dreams are wacky and evil then that is a totally different ball game which doesn’t apply here.
5. Have you ever thought of how you could use your dreams and passions for God’s glory?
6. Do you know what your purpose is yet?
7. Are you doing anything to pursue your dreams and purpose in life?
8. If God called you to give up your dreams, would you?
9. While you are waiting on God’s movement, are you serving Him to your full capacity?

Don’t get me wrong, these are not simple questions. These are not “shake the magic 8 ball” questions either.
There are questions that could be life altering.

The reason behind asking these questions is to get you to think, and realize what you want. Find God’s purpose for your life.

I ask myself these questions daily. And guess what?
Sometimes I lose site of the prize, I wander, I struggle… But always, Yes Always I find peace in my search for God’s way.

Today will you take the time to search out who you are and what vision God has placed on you, then go seek what His will is for you.



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