Jan. 4th 2015

Today started like most Sundays, I woke up, got ready went to church and learned more about God.

The few things that really spoke to me this time was this:

Are we getting spiritually fit?
Pastor John Van Gorkom stressed the importance of getting active and applying ourselves spiritually.
He mentioned that we, Church members, tend to be like most Gym Members, “associated in name only”.

The challenge he gave is that we should not spend our time training and then do nothing. For what good is it to train for something if you never apply it and put it into action?
I personally thought this was a great reminder for myself, especially since this past evening I went to observe a Jail ministry here in Eau Claire.

I had to ask myself, am I using what I am learning? Am I going out there and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ?
Am I content with where I am spiritually?

And if I were honest with myself my answers would be: Not nearly as much as I should. Too rarely. No.

As I have considered these things over the course of the day I’ve come to the conclusion (that I already knew but its great to reaffirm it), is that I’m not going to stop training spiritually. My answers will always be the same since I realize that there is always room for improvement.
For some the idea of a never ending goal is a discouragement. Its daunting. But something about always striving to be better is rewarding in of itself.

Therefore I wish to continue to pursue God. I want to pursue Him with all of my heart. Right now, I can see, and realize, that the more I pursue Him the more I realize that I haven’t given Him my whole heart.

I’m just a flawed man. I have my past. I have my history. I have the curse of sin in me.
But I am washed in the Blood of Jesus. I am free. What better way to serve Him than to open your heart and say, “Here I am God. Train me. Use me.”


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