I know I’m not the only one, but have you ever figured out a mystery, found a goal, discovered an answer and you just want to get into action right then, right there?

We must remember that timing is key in all of life’s aspects.

Imagine you are the flute player in a large symphony. You were given the opportunity to do a solo. You would play whatever you wanted. There was no easy chart to say this was exactly what you needed to do. The conductor had been working with you sometime.
Even though you are to play the solo, you have to hold to certain rules.

You must: Play during a certain period, play in the same timing as the rest of the symphony, and play in the same key.

Even though you got to chose what you wanted to do, if you failed to comply with the greater plan of the song you would stick out like a sore thumb.
Yet if you followed the direction of the Conductor, and the guideline of the music, your solo could be a spectacular piece.

So we come back to timing. You may want to jump into something, but it doesn’t mean its the right time.
You can have a “Right place, wrong time” scenario. We should then take into consideration what the great conductor of our lives has going on for us and follow His leading.


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