The epic journey

I came to the conclusion a while back that the closest thing to magic in this world is music.

It is powerful. It swings moods. It causes us to dance, sing, jump, cry, think, get angry, learn to love….
The depths of its powers are beyond human comprehension.
Music is not something to take lightly.

Recently I’ve tried taking all manner of music that I listen to, christian and secular, and really listening.
Paying closer attention to the lyrics and wondering: what can i learn/gain from this song?
Its a good question to ask in any situation.

As I listen to a song I don’t just hear a catchy tune, I hear a story behind it. When I find the story I dig for the nuggets of truth and wisdom I can find.
I find it to be an interesting exercise.

With all that being said now we get to the good stuff.

What happens when you realize your music app knows you a little too well?
You find yourself listening to music that sounds like could come from your heart and mind…
Sometimes you feel like what you are hearing was made for you…
What do you do then? How do you become objective?
Because lets be honest, as soon as it gets past your defenses its influences are going to spread.

What happens when you feel like you ARE that Taylor Swift song? Today you are the inspired love song… tomorrow you are the heartbreak of the year song.
What can you learn from this?
Well in my case… the most basic way to put it is:

My radio stations (online & FM), ipod, phone, and every other music device I have access to thinks: I am some sort of love sick puppy in need of attention and want. Wishing for true love to fall into place and end up having the happy ever after.

Unfortunately for me… My music knows me just a little to well…
But we could turn it around and ask: Did it influence me to become that way?

I’m probably making no sense whatsoever, and the late night soda causing my sugar levels to go up isn’t helping.

In conclusion: be careful what you listen to. Everything has a lesson that can be learned. Finally: be careful online radio’s eventually figure you out.

Have a great day! – David


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