Is the fairy tale ending killing our generation?

Is the fairy tale ending killing our generation?

Isn’t that a great way to start a sentence? I thought so.
Lets recap that happily ever after.

The princess, so beautiful that no one compared EVER. She has a beautiful spirit too.
She is in need of saving though, because of the evil monster/dragon/guy/etc.

NOW for the good part.
In comes our hero. Our knight in shining armor. He is strong, intelligent, and gentle when needed.
He fights the oppressor and leaves as perfect as ever.

Then the two perfect, good looking people, with no flaws go live happily ever in there secure home.
No worries.
No troubles.
No wrongs.
Perfect. Happy. This is there life.

What about our normal everyday lives?

The girl has expectations of this perfect guy no dings on his armor. Perfect reputation, no wounds, no bad history, no issues…
What our hero has to live up to is impossible.
Why? Because any warrior won’t wear his fancy dress clothes and show armor to a fight. Nor would his armor be clean if he was a real man. Why: because any real man would have the battle scars to show that he has lived and is growing in life.

What about how hero? What are is his expectations?
Is he not expecting that beautiful lady, inside and out, who will be madly in love with him forever and ever. A lady without flaws, without ill feelings, or anger. No past that she regrets…

Do you see where this is going?
We set ourselves up with these fiction stories. These tales of fairies, and then hit the ground when reality comes around and it is far from perfect.

But wait we are forgetting the best part.
The happily ever after VS reality
How often does guy swoop the girl off her feet and its blissful romance after that for all their lives?
Or what girl loves her knight and only him flawed and all and never loses her temper?

Although these tales are fun. Books, movies, comics, games, they all portray something so fake, so “perfect” that when we compare anything else to it we are disappointed.

If you are like me you love hearing the happy ending. You want the adventure. The romance. You want that perfect person that you just know was made for you…..
Even though I like all these things I have to remember not to let them blind me to reality.

Reality that the princess and the knight are human. They have failed. They have been beaten and bruised before.
At times they would lose heart and desire.
Many times things would not be perfect in the castle.

Don’t let the real world and the fantasy become mixed and the line faded. keep vigilant and aware that even though you don’t necessarily have the “perfect happy love story ending”, doesn’t mean you don’t have a happy ending.
Just keep your head up. God has a plan.


2 thoughts on “Is the fairy tale ending killing our generation?

  1. I remember watching Cinderella as a kid and at the end my mom would chuckle and say, “That’s never how the real story ends. That’s where the struggle really begins. Figuring out how to be married is HARD.”

    Plus everyone, I don’t care who you are, has baggage. Learning how to unpack it in a healthy way and forgive eachother is hard.

    Btw- if you haven’t seen the actual musical Into The Woods (the movie doesn’t count), it’s great on this topic.

  2. Enjoyed reading your insight. Relationships, especially marriage is hard work but definitely worth the effort. Keeping God in the equation is a must to make it to a happy ending.

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