Lessons of time

Time has a funny way of changing us.

As I reflect on my short life, I can see many things that God allowed to happen to change my perspective.
I’m not the person I once was.
And I’m not the person I was before I moved out of my parents house.

I’ve learned so many lessons over my life. Hopefully I can share them with others as my life continues.
Today I’m going to briefly talk about pride.

In the beginning Pride is what cause Lucifer’s(Satan) down fall.
This sin is what got him kicked out of heaven.
It is also a sin that sneaks in so fast and so deeply that we don’t realize it has consumed us before we see its ugly consequences.

Not all pride is bad. But when you get prideful you are setting yourself up for a fall.

In my younger days I was prideful. Not to say I don’t struggle with pride anymore. I know to claim to be over it by any power but God’s would be foolish and a false humility. A sneak attack from Pride, letting you think he’s gone when he is in hiding.
My pride let me become so judgmental of others. I didn’t show as much compassion as I should I have. I didn’t acknowledge my own sin. I thought highly of myself. Thinking I was some sort of good person with my high standards and lack of “issues”.

In the past few years I have had the opportunity to fail. To fall from my lofty prideful pedestal. I’ve made mistakes I swore I would never make. Things that I would look down on others for became my issues.
At first I would not admit it. I lied to myself thinking I was okay. I didn’t think I had truly come to that point. I would not acknowledge my sin, my pride would not allow it….

Then God continued to allow me to fall. Since I would not repent of my sin He let me wallow in the mud till humility came over me.
I heard the still small voice asking me what I was doing. Why was I still fighting when all He wanted to do was help me out of my pit.

With my pride let down I was able to see my path of destruction. I acknowledge my sin and let myself be humbled.
Since then I’ve been working on not judging others.
Finally I realized that I’m no different than anyone else.
I’m just as evil and corrupt as the next person.

Though it took a lot of wrong to get to this point, it was for the best. It fits into God’s plan. Because He works all things out for good to them that Love HIM.


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