The relaxing Saturday.

So today I decided to relax.
And when I say relax, I mean wake up late, lay in bed for over an hour after waking up.
Watching cartoons till mid afternoon, reading my Bible, hardly cleaning anything, and staying inside all day.

Worth it? Oh yeah.
Because sometimes we need to just relax, to rejuvenate, to enjoy our peace and quite.

Our world is so busy, always running, running, running. 24/7 365, asking you to work all the time. But when your life comes down to the end: was it worth it?
What legacy did you leave behind? Did you make an impact on people? Did you endlessly drag your heels through life because you were overworked? Or did you recover at least one day of the week as God showed us in His example of creating the world.

Time is fleeting. But if you don’t take time to relax and recover you run the risk of overworking yourself. Then you will spend even more time trying to recover yourself than had you rested earlier.

Go enjoy your life because you never know when time will schedule your final appointment.


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