While I have your attention….

Have you had those moments when you are listening to the sermon the pastor is teaching and you can’t help but think that God decided that you needed to hear those words, at that moment because He knew you were listening?

So recently I’ve been working on being more in tune with God’s purpose and direction for my life.
Trying to follow Him more and be open to His guiding.
Yet I haven’t always been paying attention to His leading.

There I am listening to the sermon, taking some notes and feeling like this is a great sermon and is applicable to what I need to learn to help me move forward….
Then that is when the Holy spirit decided to kick in. It was a clear statement from God. Plain and simple, and straight to the point.

“While I have your attention….”

I knew God wanted to speak to me. With every main point the message hit another chord.
That still small voice quietly reminding me that I’ve fallen short.Reminding me that my goals for change should always be held with commitment and reverence.
I was reminded of where God was leading me. It was like listening to the confirmation of  what I was feeling.

Yet with all those warm, delightful feelings of spiritual growth and planning God would just remind me of yet another area that I need to work on.

Now its not a bad thing to be challenged. In fact, its a great thing.
To be challenged about things that you’ve done is hard though.
Why? Because you already have done it. You already made the mistake. You can’t take it back now.
But God in His infinite wisdom decided to correct my behavior by pointing out my mistakes and short comings and remind me that even though I think I’m so great… I’m still human.
I still fail. I still need working on. And the best part: That He isn’t done working on me.

In short, and to conclude this blog since I keep falling asleep cause I am so sleepy,

God affirmed my goals for the new year.
God reminded me to not give up and turn tail on His plan for my life.
God showed me that I still have a long, trying, but well worth it journey ahead of me.


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