You never know what ….

Can you finish the statement?
If you can then we could this blog post right now. Especially if you understand the full weight behind the statement.
If such is the case then I’ll spare you the time of reading my post and tell you that you’ve learned the lesson.

For those of you who haven’t figured out the statement yet you need to keep reading.
For those of you figured it out but haven’t fully recognized the weight behind the statement… well you may find it useful to hear from me.

What happens when you’re life goes through some drastic changes and the comforts your life has come to know disappear before your very eyes?
Have you taken the the joys of your life, the comforts, the things in it for granted?

Do you know what you have? Or will “You never know what you got till its gone”?

My life has had changes throughout its course. Every few years I’ve moved, or friends moved. It taught me to not take friends for granted.
Moving also teaches you to not always take your things for granted. -which I still do because they are replaceable. They are just that: things.
But this last move… this last one taught me about the things I value most in life.
It showed me more about who I am.

I never realized how much I took the important things for granted.
My faith, my family, my friends, my time, my talents.

This move showed me the most about friends and family.
They mean the most to me. Now my family lives far away.
And I have lots of friends who live far away….

Don’t get me wrong I’m making new, and wonderful friends, but that is not the point.

The point I want you all to come to find is this: People are worth more than things. Time is swift and flies by. Don’t take family for granted. Hold them dear and close, for you never know when you will part ways.
Live, laugh, love. If today was your last day, would you not spend it with those you love?


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