Fiction addiction

I think the title says it all, so yep, there you have it, we’re done. Bye!



Okay maybe not.
Tonight I want to talk about a topic that I totally struggle with. But is it necessarily a bad thing to struggle with?
You can come to your own conclusion as I go through this post.

What happens when you fall in love with a series? When all of the sudden you’re staying up late, binge watching a series, or reading all day about a particular story?
For me, and maybe for you as well, attachment becomes easier the more I dive into a series.
I’m one of the people who get attached to series and then cries when character’s I love are killed off. I get upset when characters that are supposed to fall in love don’t. I become enraged when the hero is being beaten by the villain.

Some people find nonfiction, and reality a better place to find entertainment.
I fall into the category of so many geeks and nerds out there… we are the Fiction lovers.
We prefer a story that is made up. Sometimes the laws of physics broken. Where the hero/heroine can become all powerful… or just super human.

There is something about it that stands out as being so appealing. The unreal. The exciting. The adventure. The romance. The unrealistic scenarios. Technology that is not possible, strength that is unattainable, and things gloriously out of this universe.

But what really happens when we fall in love with all these things?
Are we saying that we aren’t content with the world that God has given us? Perhaps we want more. We want immortality. We crave power. The thought of supremacy excites us… only if we are on the side of that power.

Is there anything wrong with fiction itself? No.
Then what is my point you ask?
My point is simple, and one that I need to learn as well.

Its this: What we put more time and effort into than we put toward God, has the potential to become our idols.

Take a few seconds and let that sink in.
(Side note, if you’re an unbeliever that probably doesn’t mean much to you but just continue reading and see if you can learn anything from this rant).

What are our priorities? What are the things we put ahead of all else?
As a Christian there should be a lot of stuff we have in priority before our entertainment.
But this is an entertainment world, and entertainment isn’t the evil thing.
Rather it is the decision to let something control and drive our lives that can be evil.

If we let something take over our lives and drive us to where ever it leads, we must be sure that it is in according to God’s word.
For most people we get the idea that a job shouldn’t be what takes all your attention and causes you to neglect your family.
But what about that all powerful weakness of entertainment? The photos, videos, etc. that eat up our time as we try to live life.
We go about with our phones, computers, tvs, tablets, movies, games, books, etc. to entertain us and keep us busy. As a people we aren’t as tolerant of things when they take a long time. We are the MTV snappy, “I Want It NOW!” generation. We become so inconvenienced when we can’t access facebook, twitter, youtube, google, and the internet.

I’m getting side tracked, and it doesn’t help that I’m dosing off between my thoughts.

Ask yourself these questions:
Am I putting too much time and effort into a series?
Does this fiction take away from the things that truly matter? – Family, friends, and people.
Are you becoming obsessed with the series

If you are then you need to figure out how you can rearrange priorities in your life.
As much as I hate to admit it, watching cartoons should not take importance of spending time with people.
Reading books should not take priority over spending time in God’s word.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Jesus Christ

So lets go see what we can do.
To turn this earth upside down. Let us show others that we can still see the world around us and are willing to show it God’s love.

Cause when it all comes down to it, and your life is over, it won’t matter how many comics you read, or how many computer games you beat. It will all depend on how you lived your life for Jesus.


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