The ups and downs

I almost thought about making a UPS joke in the title… But that wouldn’t be nice, since they ship most of my stuff. 🙂
By the way – shout out to all you awesome mail people : USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You all do a wonderful job, keep it up!

The ups and downs… I think you know where I am going.
Life. The ups. The downs. The mountain tops and valleys. Rock bottom and cloud nine, (though not the German nein (sounds like nine) which mean no).
When we imagine the contrast of life and we obviously get the picture that some days feel perfect… others feel like we got handed that bottle of milk that was sitting out for weeks without being washed.

Unfortunately because the world is a fallen world, and corrupt, sin has taken its toll… because of this we have “good” and “bad” days.
Now take a close look at my previous statement. Notice anything peculiar?
No? -read it again.
Yes? -Good lets continue on.

If you by chance didn’t catch it a second time, maybe you jumped ahead so I’ll spell it out. Parenthesis around good and bad.
Are those not relative terms based on how we feel the affect and outcome was on us?
Honestly things could be worse than they are for any of us.
Doubt it? Then go watch the news go to a third world country where the people starve and people have to watch their backs constantly for fear of people killing them.
Now if you are there, in that situation, I can forgive you for saying that it can’t be worse…. but could it possibly get worse? Perhaps you could watch your family and friends be brutally killed before your eyes and your enemy then tortures you and will not permit you to die because they want you to suffer.
If such a scenario would happen, I for one would assume it just got a lot worse. But couldn’t it still be come far more horrifying?

Now flip the coin.

Perhaps you just got home from meeting up with that someone special and you’re just all fuzzy and warm inside.
You think things possibly couldn’t get better. -Though obviously we want/think they can.
Is it possible they could get better? You bet!
The person could return your feelings, you both fall madly in love, start a family, the extended family loves you and is wonderful. Everyone is supportive, and you get that cloud nine feeling of “this is great”.
Now we all have imaginations on how things could get better so I will let you drift off for a bit and think about them.



… Okay are you back to earth yet? No??? okay continue on….


…. OKAY THAT IS ENOUGH! Back to reality!!

Hopefully you’re still with me and I’m typing all my thoughts out correctly.
For sometimes my mind moves faster than my fingers can type. In which case I generally forget to add words and phrases into my documents that make things understandable.

Now lets see what we’ve covered in the previous 500 words: Life has ups, and downs. There is a “big” difference between them too.

My challenge to your thinking now is this: What is life without the both parts? The “good” and the “bad”. How can you enjoy the mountain top if you never hit a valley? How can you appreciate the valley (though it may be tough) without the mountain top?

Just because you think your life doesn’t have any “good” things happening in it doesn’t mean you’re right.
It means you just aren’t looking hard enough.
Just because you think your life doesn’t have any “bad” things in it doesn’t mean you’re life is perfect.
It means you just keep lying to yourself.

Life isn’t a perfect, climb up cloud nine and stay there all your life.
You will get discouraged. You will become sad.
There will be come days where you just want to cry and punch the bahooey out of something.
That is normal. That is life.
Everyone goes through it.

Be thankful in everything. Knowing that the good will give you hope for the future, the bad will teach you lessons of the past and help you correct things in the future.
If you lived a perfect life, and nothing ever went wrong for you, you would not know how to compare anything to it. It would seem dull and boring. Why? because there would be no change. No excitement of possibilities. Just a sigh and “meh” as you feel you’ve reached full potential.

To conclude:
Count your blessings and be thankful for all the “good things” in your life.
Also be thankful for your valleys and all the lessons you’ve learned going through them.
You may be going through a discouraging time and  having hardships.
Keep you’re head up and push on. You would be surprised at what you can do when you set your mind to it.

-David Sager


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