The internal debate

So for the past few weeks I’ve been debating on whether or not I touch on some “hot topics”.

The only thing I’m worried about is that with the Internet the chance that someone blows up because of something I say is highly likely.
Of course I’m not looking to provoke fights or issues, but mainly state my opinion in the mess of all other opinions out there.
Perhaps someone who thinks will take my opinion and consider it besides others and gain more perspective in crafting their own opinion.

With that in mind I feel like I can say what I think… but the question is should I?

It doesn’t matter how thoughtful, tactful, or crafty my speech is, when people start on “hot topics” we rarely listen to all sides of the argument.

Now to state where I stand on listening,  and being “open minded”.
I have been called narrow minded by many.
Perhaps I am.
But this is where I play it, right and wrong are absolutes. So if being “open minded ” to something means I have to change absolutes to relatives, then no i won’t do more than hear the other side and disagree.

See people get caught up in “be open minded”. Honestly that’s ridiculous.
I can listen to another debate/argument and develop an opinion of my own. Being open minded doesn’t mean you accept everyone’s opinions. It means that you will give the other side a chance to explain their side and then you will develop your take on all the information you have.

Don’t compromise.
Don’t give up.
Most people who tell you to be more open minded are generally the people who aren’t open minded enough to figure out if you know what you’re talking about.


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