Wise words of Thorin Oakenshield

If you have seen the Hobbit Part 3, Battle of the Five Armies then you have heard these words.
IF NOT STOP NOW!! MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS!! -But if you read the book keep going.

Now if you were like me you didn’t catch the weight of them at first cause even though you knew Thorin would die (Yes I read the Hobbit long before I watched the movies. Nearly a decade before the movies.) You were still emotionally hit and started to tear up thinking, why does he have to die???

Sorry I’m just side tracked on how sad it was. Anyways…
I spent some time with a friend today and we watched the Hobbit Battle of the Five armies. My second time, his first time seeing anything Middle Earth. -Shocking in this day and age, I know.

So since I knew what was going to happen I tried to catch details I had missed.
When it came to Thorin’s death, I took note of his wise and profound words.

‘If more of us valued home above gold, it would be a merrier world.’ -Thorin (Hobbit battle of the five armies movie)

Now that isn’t the original Tolkien writing of his Thorin’s last words. This was the altered Hollywood version.
The original was:

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world” -Thorin (The Hobbit book, by J.R.R. Tolkien)

Lets go back to the movie quote. Think deep on that for a few seconds, or minutes, hours… days… years, I don’t care how long as long as you grasp the concept.

What if Home here didn’t represent the physical building but rather the family and friends that make a home a HOME? Imagine if what Thorin is really trying to say is that its the people around you that matter most and if we stopped putting things in front of people the world would be a better place?
How many times do we hear about people accumulating wealth only to find that it doesn’t satisfy? They spend their lives building an empire just to fall down alone, unsatisfied, and sense of fulfillment?

Maybe I’m just old fashioned in thinking, call me crazy if you will, but family and friends should be more important than things and riches. As for you that will be your choice and a conclusion that you will have to come to on your own terms.

To recap this do I think that Thorin Oakenshield was right on the money with his last words in the movie? You bet I do.
My words for you as you read this are the following:

In any content good or bad, pure and impure, entertaining and not… in anything truth is truth and there are lessons that you can learn from everything.
-Now I’m not saying to watch, listen, read, and participate in everything. I’m saying that if you do there is a deeper lesson that you can learn from. Its up to you to figure out what it is.

Farewell for this day!


While researching further on this topic for tonight I came across this article from a Man who shares a similar view to what I have stated.
Thorin Oakenshield’s Last Words
Thank you, Dillon T. Thornton, for posting a good article.


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