The Here, the Now, 21

Last week I turned 21.
Whoo! 21!

Except for unlike most people in the country I live in who go out to drink on their 1st I decided that wasn’t for me.
I’ll lay this carefully:
I’m not anti-alcohol, I’m anti-getting drunk.
My stance is fairly neutral on alcohol. “All things are permissible but not everything is beneficial”
I didn’t drink before being of age, and I have yet to drink now that I am of age.
Though part of that decision was made for me by some of my life goals and plans.

Anywho, for my 21st I went to Pizza Ranch, home of the amazing… addicting… oh so yummy cactus bread, with four gentlemen from work. Then I had them over at my apartment to play a game of risk. –  Which ended up lasting nearly four hours.

But here I am at 21, living life, doing what I’m doing and trying to follow God the best I can.
With all these great things happening it is easy to forget the simple things, or even dreams of the past.
I’ve been taking the time to really enjoy seeing the sunset after work. I do like the sunrise… but I honestly would rather sleep through that one.

I’m in that stage where I am not old, and I’m not really “young” anymore. My brain is supposedly fully developed. -In my opinion it finally matured to match a 3 or 4 year old.
With this new “maturity” I am trying to enjoy more of the small things. Its not an easy process because when you’ve always had your eyes on the horizon or in dream world it takes some adjustment.

After really thinking on my birthday I realized that both of my parents were my age when they got married.
I’ll be honest… I thought I would have either been married or getting married this year.
Ever since I was young I thought I would be married when I was 21 or before. I thought that I would find the right girl the first time and things would be perfect and we’d have a big family…

Here we are 21, my “love life” is far from 1st love = only love, and I’m nowhere close to getting married.
I won’t lie, part of me is disappointed that I failed that I failed at “first love”. The other part is disappointed that I’ll probably be older than 21 when I get married.
To complicate things though, if I was completely honest I would say that while I am somewhat disappointed for the most part I’m glad things are working out the way they are.

I’ve been so focused on meeting the right girl, getting married, and starting a family that I stopped paying attention to what I could be doing around me. As time goes on I’m becoming more content in letting God do as He sees fit and me following wherever He leads.
Don’t get me wrong, I still want to find a girl who I can server God with, who will be my best friend for life, get married and raise a large family (Lord willing (and yes, I am that crazy)).
The best way to put it is I am satisfied and content now more than ever. Its peaceful.

I could ramble on and on, but I’ll keep this short.

In life you need to come to the place where you hand everything over to God, your dreams, desires, concerns, abilities, inabilities, talents, time, thoughts, actions, friends, family, love life, strength, weakness, anything and everything and focus on serving and following Him. To let Him move in your life. As you do this more, and more, you will find peace that surpasses all understanding in His will.

Take a chance. Give it up to God and just watch Him change your life.


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