The lack of ….

In terms of spiritual growth, development, participation, and worship have you ever come to a place when you confessed to God that you are sorry you fail, or lack the desire to do (insert the blank)?

I have. Many times.
In fact I would say right now that the thing I really struggle with not being active enough in is prayer.
I don’t pray as much as I should. I get distracted. I “forget”. Take my time, abide by the rules, wish myself along… forgetting that prayer is so much more than a mandatory “do this if you are a christian” thing.
I pray for others for a short while then forget the issues and move on to more of the issues that revolve around me.

It is a horrible selfish example, I know, but its a valid one.
There is a lot I could do to improve my prayer life.
But this past week I thought of something different.

What if, instead of beating myself up for not praying as much, and being aggravated by it, I take the time to talk to God about the issues I seem to be having with talking to Him.
It was either the 3rd or 4th I was talking away to God and I asked for a favor.
In essence this is what I asked, “Elohim,” which means – Creator God, “Create in me a passion and desire to talk to you. To pray to you.”

Now God can do anything. but sometimes we put a limit on what we honestly think God can do.
He wants you to seek Him. Though you try on your own, its hard to say I want to honestly develop a  passion for God, when his word says, “the heart is desperately wicked, who can understand it?” “There is none righteous, no not one”.

We can sell God short all we want. We can misjudge His power and greatness, belittle Him, and think nothing of Him but it won’t change who He is or how powerful He is.
The God who created the world, formed everything, breathed life into world, created time, space, matter, physics, math, language, love, weather, sight, sound, desire, will, and freedom can do ALL things.

My prayer became simple.
I acknowledged an area I need growth in. I acknowledged my lack of desire to improve that area of my life. Then I asked the all powerful, creator of everything to give the desire to talk to Him more.

Stop and read that last paragraph again.
No, seriously, READ it. READ it slowly. Think about what it says.

I, (little insignificant me), asked Elohim, (Creator of all, God, the I AM), to create in me the desire to pray to Him more.
Maybe you’re starting to see what I saw when I asked God this.
Maybe you still don’t get it, so I’ll keep saying it over and over again.

If I wish to change something, and I don’t seem to have the power or desire to do anything about, I should just asked God, who CAN do something about it, to help create in me the desire or power I lack to change for the better.

A great example would be if a child came to their parent and said, “I would really like to do this. But I seem to have no motivation or skill set to accomplish this. Could you help teach me and lead me?”
How many times do you think a good parent would turn their kid away and say, then do it yourself?

God, your heavenly father, is waiting to bestow upon you spiritual gifts and blessings.
Why not ask Him to strengthen your desire for Him and His ways?
Its so simple, yet so overlooked.
Because it is not by your power that anything gets done, on the earth or in heaven. But it is God’s will that is accomplished. By His power alone all things are done and fit according to His will.


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