I’ve not really been inspired of lately to write.
I’ve not been focused or concentrated.
In fact I’ve neglected a lot of my normal routine and have slacked off in so many areas recently that it is ridiculous.

Today though I was thinking about all that and I asked myself this question,
“What Am I doing with my life?”
“What have I done as an adult?”

These are not easy questions to answer. To be honest some of the answers aren’t appealing to hear because they show where I have fallen, broke down, and failed.
Nonetheless I answered myself today with breaking down those BIG life questions to this small simple one: “What have I done with my life since I’ve moved to Wisconsin?” What has been the worthwhile change in my life, for the better, that I can look back on and point to it saying, “If for nothing else, that is what I accomplished in my time there.”

The answer was a humbling one.
An accurate one, but humbling none the less.
All I could say was, “Come to the breaking point and surrendering.”
I stopped holding back from God. I am still struggling with giving it all, but I am so much more willing to give it all now than ever before.
Does that make however long I spend up here worth it? You bet it.
Coming to the point of surrendering to Jesus everything is so crucial. So important that it is worth any stress, pain, loneliness, and disaster.

Outside of that I started asking myself what I have accomplished here in Wisconsin.
And I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t found any area where I have made a significant difference that I can outwardly see that I helped make a change for the better.
So that means I’m still needing to learn. Still need to serve, and practice God’s image in my life.

I could always keep my eyes on the horizon.
Think about when I’m going to fall in love, get married, raise a family.
Dream about the ideal job/ministry to participate in and work towards.
Long for traveling around the world to see and hear new places…

But none of those desires and passions can mean more than people. For when they do, I’ve lost sight of my true calling and need to reevaluate my priorities.

To God be the Glory,
Forever, and Ever,

David Sager


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