If I said it once…

If I haven’t said it before I’ll say, and say it again. There are more important things in life than money.
There is more important things than your job. Than your possessions, wants, desires, and other petty things.

In fact some of the most important things people grow old and either realize too late or never realize what truly matters in this world. See what truly matters in this world is people.

Okay end of blog. I just said all I needed to say now meditate on that. 🙂
… Oh alright I’ll keep talking.

You see I watch people around me come and work , work, work. They do it for good reason, to pay bills, to provide for themselves (and sometimes others), they do it because they need to support the life they have or they have no life so they devote their time to work.
But honestly, in 50 years….. how many people will be able to look back and say, “wow, because of your work you impacted my life”? Don’t get me wrong I believe in working, the Bible even says that if someone wants to eat he should work.

What I really want to point out is, how often are you giving up time with people, friends, and family to spend working when you don’t have to? -in case you misread that read it slowly.
When you don’t have to. Not when you have to, but when you don’t have to. When your shift is up, the bills are paid, and there is no reason to stay at the office for another hour. Why are you there? Are you impacting people or trying to build your kingdom at work?

Everyone is different. Maybe to some the work is their solace. Their peace and pleasure.
To others it can be a torture and killer. Yet to some, to some they find work to be just that. Work. Not their life. Not their dictator, but the a means to provide and live.

I fall into the weird category. I think a job is great. I enjoyed most of my jobs. Though no matter how much I enjoyed work, work only satisfies some of of the void. It has never been the reason for my striving. It has never been the driving force to motivate me.

Call me crazy, but I have developed an understanding that money isn’t everything. That the things in life that matter most tend to be the things this world wants to pull you from: family.

I grew up. I moved out, and I found out the secret to being happy… is being with those you love. Your family. Not always is family flesh and bone, but its the bond between hearts. The love that binds and holds people together.
With me not being around my family I’ve struggled as I realize the thing I really want most is to come home and have people I love, and who love me, be there.
To have a wife that I love and cherish. Have kids that want to play, snuggle, wrestle, and have attention.
I’ve found that to be one of the biggest things I long for. Why? Perhaps it is because I’ve always been more family oriented. Perhaps it is because I want someone who is going to stay in my life, and I in theirs, for a long, long time.

For me I want a big family, and most people think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. But how many 21 year old males do you know that parents are comfortable leaving their children with hours on end? How many 21 year old men do you know actually like going and watching multiple children? Especially when you have diaper changing, cooking, and entertaining the kids all in one hat for the time you are there?
Think about that. How many do you know?
Well I am one of the few, who don’t mind changing diapers. I don’t mind cooking, fixing food, and cleaning up after kids. I really enjoy spending time with little kids. They are so much fun. And the cool part is that they will love you for you.

I had the opportunity to watch 4 kids, ages 1-6 for 5 hours last week. Guess what? I loved it.
Call me crazy, but it makes me want to have a bigger family all the more.
Maybe I am crazy. Or maybe I’m just different and a little more natural minded.
-By natural minded I mean being open to letting God decide how many kids you have, and to help populate the earth.

Anyways, family is so, so, so, so, so, so, soooooo, sooooooooo important. Don’t let your family fall apart if you can help it.
If you’re a parent, I encourage you, spend as much time with your kids as possible. They will love it. They need it. You’re to train them in life and the way they should go. So go out there and teach them to be the next leaders and decision makers. Teach them the values that were taught to you. Teach them the important things in life, because you never know when they will need those life changing lessons.

While we are at the topic of teaching and training kids, if you ever use the phrase “If I do have the job my parents did my kids will turn out fine” You have the wrong attitude and determination.
Your goal should be this: Because you’re parents did such a good job you should not have to repeat their mistakes, and be better prepared to raise your kids. Why not strive to do better because you have the training, trainer, and wisdom to gather from those who have done this before? mm???

To complete this message in a final knot:

Love always, take care of family, love the next generations, and raise your children to be better than you were. If you set the bar too low, you’ll always hit it. If you strive for something more what is the worst that could happen? you don’t hit the target? – well if you don’t have a target you will always hit what you’re aiming for: nothing. So you might as well try to go above and beyond.

-To infinity, and beyond! – Buzz Lightyear

In Christ Jesus, Savior of the world,
Your brother in faith,

David Sager


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