Sometimes the best offense is a good defense

More than likely you’ve heard this phrase before.

A little thought and you can find a way to apply this to an applicable situation.
The boom! You’ll go “oooooooh I get it!!”.
Yep you just went there. It finally clicked.

In today’s world we see things going haywire all the time. In America though we can be… well I can’t figure out a nice way to say it… but I’ll try.
Anywhere in the world, not just the USA, you find that thinking ahead of the game is a rare treat.
Book smarts only go so far.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I have it figured out, or that I always think ahead of the game, but surely common sense hasn’t become a sign of genius.

Right now there is all this talk on social media about religious bills, and blah, blah, blah.
Honestly I could care less.
I think its stupid though that we argue about petty things.

Guess what? I haven’t read the bill. Do I intend to? No.
Why? Because this is what I gather from all the bickering:

People are mad that people who disagree with them can deny service because they don’t agree with person 1.

… So maybe I got the whole bill wrong, and everything is not what I think it is, but let me just sum up all the arguments I have seen into some simple words, and maybe logic flow. If I am wrong, fix it, or let me know.

People are mad because businesses have the law and freedom to stand up for their convictions and refuse to give service to people.
People are upset because this stance has mainly been people who don’t believe they should be forced against their will to do a …whatever.

So in short, Americans, the home of the brave, proud, FREE, and the country of freedom of SPEECH, RELIGION, etc. Americans are the ones wanting to force all business to conform to their standards, and want to make sure the business cannot have freedom at all.

Its stupid and outrageous really.
If you have the right to freedom of religion, and speech, then why do you think that everyone else should see things from your way, or have their rights taken away?

It doesn’t make sense. Its a free country. If you want to open a business and deny service to people, you have that right. GO do it! If you want to allow all people to have access, go do it!

But please, if you have the ability to bash someone, don’t. Instead take this time to respectfully listen and respectfully disagree with whom you aren’t seeing eye to eye with.
Then take the time to thank our troops, and our founding fathers for letting us have these great freedoms. THEN CELEBRATE FREEDOM!

Freedom! Freedom, Freedom….
If you want to force someone to do something, imagine the opposite being forced on you. How would you feel?
If you were a business, and lets say you support LGBT lifestyles, and such. Then a group of people decide that they want to force you to decline service to those areas, how would you feel?
Imagine your store: “We welcome LGBT…” then a group of people screaming and hollering trying to force you to only support heterosexual relationships.
You’d probably be outraged and start pushing the “minority” buttons, the “unfair,” or “we want equality!”

But when the situation is flipped,
Company is owned or managed by people who only support heterosexual relationships, and the media, and crowds rip these business to shreds for exercising their freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

Its crazy. really crazy.
I don’t care where your stance is.
My stance is traditional, 1 man, 1 woman, for life.
I do not support LGBT. According to my studies of the Bible I cannot support it.
I am supposed to show love to them. And through my example of Christ, try to show them the way to Him.
But I cannot support your sin. I won’t condemn you by giving you false assurance.

As much as I disagree with the LGBT life style, since we live in America, and since they are human, they do have a right to freedom of speech and religion…
But as much as they have a right, so do I. And all the other people who don’t share their view, and all those who don’t share mine.

In closing remember this: If you disagree with someone, that’s fine. You don’t have to yell, scream, argue, fight, or attack that person. That person is exercising their free choice (from God), and free speech (from the founding fathers, and the military), and freedom of religion is a free person. Guess what that means?
it means you have your views, I have mine, we can share, disagree, and move on without attacking each other, or our friends.

Play nice! And share freedom! 😀


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