To say, or to tweet?

Today I want to reflect and consider all the implications we develop in our social media world that is driven with heads focused on a light bulb that we generally hold in our hands.

Have you ever thought about just how marvelous technology is? How cool is it that I can find my friends from my childhood, who I haven’t seen in years… and may never see again, but we can keep in touch, follow each other, see who married who, who is dating, who is single, what they are eating, and their favorite hangouts?

While some of these things are cool, and I love, love, love making connections to old friends again, we also have a lot of things that this social media driven culture is changing.

See we as people are slowly changing the way we behave around each other. We are constantly wondering about how popular or cool our posts are, how many people liked our picture that we thought made us look so attractive. We focus a lot of time focused on a world where instead of focusing on those around us, and seeing the world for what it is, we would rather look into a light bulb that drains our life away.

The internet is so vast. It has its good. It also has its bad.

If you are like any person out there, who isn’t overly security conscious and ever mindful of their thinking, planning things out like a cold calculating chess master, then you may have noticed that you have a tendency to react faster than you think on the internet. You also get very gutsy, and froggy.
Myself included, I will vent or blow up far faster if I don’t take time to think through my responses.

No one is perfect. No thing man made is perfect. The internet isn’t perfect. While it can bring people together, help lift people out of trouble, raise awareness about an issue, fund a business or charity, the internet still has the power to do much harm (depending on the user who decides to use is as their tool for either good or bad).

Some people just need to vent. So they take it took social media.
I’ll be honest, I try to avoid posting my issues, or problems on social media. Its not because I don’t have problems, because I have quite a few.
Its not because I want people to look at me as someone who is perfect.
The reason I like to leave my issues, problems, and sometimes struggles off of social media is because it is a permanent recorded issues that people may misunderstand, misread, misinterpret.
If you vent on social media like facebook, people will think you’re upset or mad, or whatever.
Maybe you aren’t. But think about it, they can’t read it with the tone you had. They don’t see your thoughts, or know the whole picture. So they jump to assumptions. Why react to their reactions? You gave them an image of you crying out because something is wrong, so when they come handle it nicely and accordingly.

Then we have the post we don’t care for. The posts that annoy us, or we don’t understand.
My personal preference is to ignore said posts unless I find something morally, biblically wrong. Something that could, or will hurt someone else.
Otherwise, if I find it annoying, or I don’t care, I just ignore it.
It goes back to the way my parents tried to raise me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

You never know what the other person is going through. Maybe they post so much because they are lonely. Maybe they post alot because they have friends and family who want to keep up with some of that and live far away. Maybe they found something that they enjoy doing. Tell me, where is it your place to tell them to stop or question them why? Last I checked if it isn’t affecting how you live life, and its not harming anyone, you, as a human being, can develop the wisdom, discretion, and self control to ignore it. Simple as that.

Then there are the post that poke, prod, and drive people to arguments, picking hot topics that you know set peoples passions on fire for, or against an issue. We can tear down people, attack others, destroy reputations, and spread rumors like wild fire.

Now see all these categories can happen off the internet. But the internet is such a good tool to become gossips, stalkers, and critics.
A lot of people say things that they would never back up in person.
Remember, you don’t always know who you’re talking to, or arguing with online. You don’t know what they are feeling. Maybe they need a friend, or to reminded people care. Maybe they are capable of evil things, and you are provoking disaster upon yourself.

My advice is to use wisdom, discretion and understanding.
You may disagree with something. You may find something tasteful. Or a waste of talent… or horrible lack of talent.
Unless you know that person, you can talk to them privately, they trust you, and value your opinion don’t critique them. Criticism is good. It can build and better people. But if taken wrong, it can cause devastating consequences.
Trust me. I haven’t always handled it well. I’ve blown up, given up, ranted, raged, became violent over criticism before. Over the years I’ve learned a lot more about self control. Self control to handle criticism better, and to have self control over when to add my opinion on certain things.

Honestly I am writing this, not expecting anyone to read this. Some people may read. Many will ignore. People can complain about my grammar, spelling, writing style, opinion, point of view, my delivery, etc. But you know what? That is okay. They can even voice their complaints and disagreements.

But seriously stop and think about what it accomplishes by posting a comment on here, or tweeting something in response to this just to argue, or “state your opinion” to disagree. What benefit does it have? Any? If it does go for it. If not just post knowing fully well the reasons behind your actions and being sure that what you are doing is the best option.

Out there… on the vast sea of the internet, people don’t know you. People don’t hear your tone of voice. Careful tact and wording is needed to try your best to not be misinterpreted.

When you hold an opinion, right or wrong… or one that doesn’t even matter, you will make opponents. Many people in today’s society can’t handle or respect other people who have opposite points of view. Others can… but if you come across wrong and someone takes your post wrong you can end up making enemies.
I implore you, be wise and conscious in this day and age. Don’t be hasty to voice your opinion till you have a need or reason.

– David, son of Dan, of the House of Sager


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