True love

True love.
True love.
I recommend that you stay away Disney and all the love songs before you start a developing a dream that is impossible to please.

I can tell you this though, true love does exist.
It exists in several ways.
There is the love the that is beyond understanding. The love from God. God’s love is the ultimate love. It reaches farther and loves deeper than any other. It is far more forgiving, and understanding than we give credit. To imagine that your creator, loves you so much to go through such pain just to show you how much He loves you is beyond my full comprehension.
It is the love story that Hollywood can’t master, and tries to replicate in all its love stories.

Then there is the general love we associate with the “relationships”, and marriage. Unfortunately the world has so changed what our idea of this relationship looks like. We jump into relationships without really knowing what we want. Somehow instead of waiting the best match, or the person we will purpose to stay with for the rest of our lives. What does society teach us? We have a mind that somehow we can always “upgrade” after marriage. Or that nothing is worth fighting for.
We have become fighters for fast pleasure and easy outs. Never thinking about the long term and the lives we effect. Its sad.

Because of our flawed view of how a relationship works, we have hurt so much of society. The home structure, marriage, how kids are raised, church cultures, the local community, schools, politics, everything has been effected by this.
We have let the people who don’t hold high value of the family and preservation of love and forgiveness drive us away from our the relationships that hold countries together.

Any progress, any devotions, any structure starts in the home. It all comes back to that.

But this past week… This past week I saw two friends get married.

I’ve know the bride for a few weeks longer than the groom.
But both of them have been dear friends since 2010. After I met both and realized that they liked each other I have been rooting for this couple the entire time.
There is something about a good love story that makes me smile, want to write songs, and be happy all the time.

This couple has been such an inspiration to what a godly relationship is supposed to look like. From the way they have shown each other love, to the way that they are so different yet represent different qualities & personalities of God. I am praying for the best. If it were only for this couple I would believe in true love.
There is no other way to put it.
When two become one they represent the union of Jesus Christ and the church. And the #LanzHarmonWedding was so obviously in line with scripture and the dedication of two lives to be one to further the gospel.
Oh I am just, almost cloud nine for them.

After seeing such love I am so excited, and hope that one day I can find such a love.
Maybe I will find it sooner than later.
But if I have learned anything in my time in Wisconsin, it is I have found myself in a place that I know, I know, what I want. Its taken some time, but I have determined that lowering my determination will only lead to dissatisfaction.

Besides, why not wait for, and pursue a girl who is out of my league. I mean if I can witness true love, and a guy pursuing a girl out of his league, and she being the perfect girl for him set apart by God, then why can’t the same happen to me? Or to you?

So in short I am on a cloud nine, love struck emotion, listening to every Disney love song I know waiting for the girl that is too good for me, to fall into my life.
Yet, I am also more content than ever to sit back and wait for said girl,. I am no longer dying to search and find her now. I am content with God’s plan. As we all should be.

Content in love. Content in service, joy, peace, knowing that God the creator has a plan and I want to be a part of that plan and I can’t wait, but am content to wait, for that partner to run this marathon known as life with.


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