Questions That Drive Thinking

Its amazing, to me at least, how God will open the right door at the right time and hit you with some profound (or simple, yet mind-boggling) idea/thought/revelation that floors you.

Over the past month (little more than a month now) God has been hitting me with a concept that I was already working on but I had not realized the full biblical aspect of it.

See since December I have tried to blog with the purpose of giving food for thought. Asking question and presenting ideas that then allow people to think and reflect on and hopefully develop better perception and toleration for different ideas.
My ideal goal isn’t to persuade you that I am right and to agree with my view-point. I’m perfectly fine with you disagreeing with my view-point. I just want you to analyze another point of view, evaluate it, reflect on it, and then decide how you can best use the information you have received.
Whether you change your mind, or learn to see things from another point of view and develop more tolerance/understanding of another party is ultimately what I hope to accomplish in the works of your mind.

Honestly most writing, especially when you pose a question, is really a rhetorical question. Generally speaking you aren’t looking for the feedback of thousands to find your answer… unless you ask a question that has to have an answer from the masses.
But when you ask a rhetorical question what are really doing? Stating a fact? No more than just that. You are challenging people to think.
To go beyond the nodding the head. You want them to ponder. You want their heads to start cooking up a storm and coming to good common sense, logical answers… or if its something a little deeper your hope is to set them up to be ready for the next step.

While I didn’t realize what I was doing completely, I came to the realization almost two months ago that I wanted to develop a writing style that comes across as a wise old mentor. In any great series there is a wise, older mentor, who seems to fascinated in puzzles, riddles, and letting the main character learn the lesson on their own. Then when the main character has reached a point that they kinda-sorta understand they connect the dots for them and help them understand.

But little did I know that God would use all this then challenge me in the same way.

Recently I had visited Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. While there I received a devotional from them.
This devotional stopped me in my tracks. It made me look at the New Testament in whole different light that I couldn’t believe I did not catch before.

So that is what I want to briefly touch on in this article (I almost said tonight… but it maybe morning, or mid-day when you read this… so that would be … a horrible, horrible, terrible way to write if I want you to relate to this.)

Back to the matter at hand:

Jesus asking questions. 

It is such a simple concept… but I hadn’t quite realized it.
I can’t explain it quite as well as they can so I’ll quickly quote on the devotional then go back to talking about it.

“Jesus did not reject or dismiss difficult questions. As the Son of God, Jesus was not posing questions to learn the answer. Rather, He desired to engage people, allowing them to reflect, struggle, and discover truth. His questions revealed His identity, and His answers transformed the lives of His disciples, His enemies, and others. Jesus asked questions that demanded a personal answer. People listened, heard, and some believed. Jesus used questions as a way to disciple and to teach.” – Today with Paul Nyquist, President of Moody Bible Institute.

Over the next month I read everyday (or tried to get everyday… I did the whole book though!!) a devotional that not only posed tough questions, but questions that I needed to reflect on and develop a personal answer to.
Let me tell you, I am more of a broad topic, event based reader. I don’t usually stop with a small portion and really reflect on it. Moving out on my own has really changed that for me.

This what yet another thing that God used to teach me. He being the ultimate mentor, wise leader, and endless pool of wisdom and knowledge made the journey one filled with prayer and lots… lots, and lots of reflection.
I wish I could say that even though it was a good read that I already knew it all and it was a good refresher.
But my problem is that there was a lot…. A LOT of Jesus’ questions that I never really thought about all the depth behind them. I mean you read about some of the answers He gave the Pharisees and you become self-righteous, and say, “Well I would never think like that. Or question Jesus like that.”

Really? Well then why did your pride go through the roof and you set yourself up for disaster in that moment?
Just meditate on God’s word. Take a look at Jesus’ life, and the words He uses and the full implication of them. There is no idle word of Jesus’ recorded in the Bible. All is set in scripture for God’s ultimate purpose. There is a reason behind it. Sometimes we just have to go on an adventure and do a lot of reflection to understand it.

Ultimately the questions and answers came down this main root point: Do you believe Jesus’ to be who He said He was?

If you did then the next question comes up: Then Do you believe His words to be true?

Once both questions are answered with yes-es then the critical point comes up: Then why do you not act like you believe His words and act upon them?

Hard questions…. So I will let you ponder those. Those are between YOU and God to figure out.


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