Never take for granted

Simple words were clearly spoken
To a heart that was hard and not yet broken

While the speaker never would know
How deeply they touched the other’s soul

Not long ago a young man was busy about his day
Without thought to anything but his way

Ever did that moment change
When life put another voice within range

A voice of wisdom and truth
For this young man who was just about through

Taking the time to open a door
Who knew that simple act would lead to more

For with one act of kindness
The world increased its brightness

An elderly lady was ever grateful
To one who would take time to be helpful

Small conversation would start
Leading to thoughts going off like sparks

“You’ve received a gold star for being so kind”
She would say as he held three more doors in her way

But the next line was not so kind
It was and is not one he wanted to find

The young man was headed up the stairs
When the elderly lady declared life is unfair

“Enjoy taking the stairs while you can, for when you are my age it won’t be so nice”

He smiled and thanked her for her advice
Deep inside he knew she was right

With each click of a clock
And every fall on a rock

Our young man gets closer
To life’s unfair foreclosure

When wisdom is bestowed upon you
And your body can no longer support you

Therefore take each day as a gift
And help others with a physical & spiritual lift


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