When words make us fools

Elegance is not my forte. Nor am I sophisticated, highly educated, or have a higher intelligence than the average American college senior.
In short I’m plain, simple, with the potential of showing thoughtful thinking. At the same time I have moments where I remove all doubt that my mouth will say the most idiotic things I could imagine.

On a night not so long ago, a mere five and a half days ago, I heard my mouth utter complete nonsense. As soon as I heard what I had said I realized I was a fool and an idiot. Nonetheless, as my pride and drive to take my stupidity and curve it back into intelligence kicked in I became obsessed with the thought.

You need Luck to listen

After many nights of quizzing myself over and over, and wrestling with this concept I have finally came to the conclusion of what I should have said, and should have conveyed.

First off what is Luck? In a world where there are no things chanced that God has not seen can there really be luck?
When I was younger the wise words of those famous TV/Movie actors’ lines would ring in my head, “In my experience there is no such thing as luck”.
What if this was the case? Am I seriously that stupid to believe in luck, or at least use in a passing phrase then use it in the most absurd way possible? Possibly.
I don’t always think logically.

Let us for the sake of making my point seem less childish say that luck is a real thing. That even though God knows all that will happen sometimes He gives certain things the roll of the dice to let them play out. I’m not saying this is how it is, or what I believe, but just go along with it for now.
Now, take the concept of when listening, especially when listening to God’s talking.
What if luck would be associated as to how easily you conform to God’s will, plan, and agenda.

For instance we categorize Jonah as being not so lucky because he had a hard listening. He eventually did, but it took some heartache. Then take someone like Abram who listens and goes, and though he had issues the process was not nearly as hard as it could have been because his heart was not hardened.

With this process of thinking we end up with Luck being how easily you surrender to God’s will and though it may be hard you don’t have near the hardships you could have. By hardships I mean the times when YOU cause hard times for yourself and those you love by being stubborn, hard of heart, deaf to God’s calling, etc. etc.

Jonah could have gone and saved himself some trouble by obeying God the first time. He could have saved himself even more trouble if he changed his attitude and Listened to God. Pharaoh when dealing with God’s commands from Moses could have spared Egypt had his heart not been hardened.

The point is if God allows you to listen easily, change your heart and become in tune with His plan without having to drag you, kicking and screaming, then wouldn’t you consider yourself lucky?

Occasionally we need to hope that we are lucky enough to listen easily.
So perhaps what I had meant was, Good luck to listen and change your desires to God’s easily, because that is not always the case. You need “luck” to have it go easily. Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, easy is not always best. It is just nice sometimes.

What I am trying to do is correct my stupidity and figure out what I said, what I should have said, and the meaning to the absurdity I did say.

Hopefully I didn’t make even more of a fool of myself.
Good luck. 😉



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