Day Two

Welcome to 2016. At this time we are just about (hopefully) done with miswriting the 2015-2016 dates. Currently I am sitting in the lounge on my floor at Moody Bible Institute listening and talking to several of my fellow students, my floor brothers.
In the past few days I have gone under so many different changes that my mind is still blurred by all the details.

On December 18th, 2015 I left my job and for the first time since I was 17 I am jobless. It is slightly scary. Rather it is terrifying. During my childhood my father never discussed family finances other than voice his opinion that we would be spending too much at times. But who would expect a parent to talk to their children about family finances?
For that reason my childhood was spent in bliss of being provided for. Then after I started on my own in 2014 I was paid decently for my skills and did not have to monitor my money closely. Now… now I sit here and I’m wondering when my next job will come. Who knows?
While I am terrified I am also realizing that this is a great opportunity. I am looking at this as a blessing in disguise to stretch my faith while I am in search of how to pay for life.

In other news living in a dorm is very different. I do enjoy making friends and living among Christian brothers. At the same time having a small room and among so many people is a new exciting experience. It can be crazy. I did not expect dorm life to be as crazy as it is. I cannot imagine what a secular university dorm life would be like.
The people would not be any different but the rules would be. You have the sane, crazy, and me (the insane).
But life is good. In fact I was tucked in last night by my RA and he read me a children’s book about a young baby dinosaur. It was the best! The experience of Day one, and then topping it off that way was such a wonderful combination.

I’m ready to experience a new chapter of life. One that has endless possibilities and opportunities to meet new people.

Fun fact. On my floor the mascot is an Arctic Crow. Or Crow for sure. You may have seen these cute little things in movies like Happy Feet. They are not the “P” word. They are Crows.

On the spiritual side there is so much to learn and glean in my time here. At the same time I am already finding the struggle to keep one’s personal time with God in session. Not that I don’t want to, but more like there is so much going on and so much to do that I have to purpose to rearrange this new schedule to fit my personal devotions in.
If you read this keep me in your prayers. I appreciate them a lot.

Even though I knew that people have a sorts of gifts and talents Moody has helped me put myself in check of not becoming bloated in my skill. There are so many intelligent, strong, talented people here. I’m nothing special. Here why this is great, because God, in His eternal love and grace loves each of us. Who are we to deserve His love? It is a great example of how great His mercy is. My mind drifts to Hillsong’s new song: What a Saviour.
To think that the God of this universe takes delight in His creation, us! Can you even imagine it? It is mind blowing in my opinion.
Even though it seems elementary it is mind blowing. I have been blessed to be reading Desiring God by John Piper which has challenged me to see the elementary in such a different light that I am lost for breath at times just thinking how amazing God is and how lost I am.

Anyways hopefully I can keep in touch with my writer half and post things a little more often.

-Thank you,

David Sager


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