Is “God” just a title?

Is God just a title? What does the word God even imply?
What is the difference between God and god especially in spoken tongue? Have you ever thought about it?
What do we flip out when people say, “Oh my god!” as an exclamation as if they used God with a capital G.

Is God’s name really “God”? Or is that a title of what He is or what position He holds in reality?
But then, still is saying “omg” or “oh my god” equivalent to saying “oh my God”. Then ask yourself is that taking the Lord’s name in vain?

Is using the term God relational? If you called the mayor of a city “Mr. Mayor” all the time and never addressed him by his name would you be qualified to say you have a relationship with him beyond the superficial?

I’m beginning to wonder why we don’t use other names for God more often. Why do we not call Him Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddi, El, Jehovah, Yahweh… why just use “God”?
God is the only God, si it works…. but is it a personal relationship without using one’s name/names revealed throughout history?

My thoughts are slowly changing from “oh my god” being a vain use of God’s name to wondering why I thought that. Why? Because we do don’t like to be intimate when we refer to Him. It is so much easier to be superficial and not feel obligated when you don’t know God on a personal level.

If you didn’t know me, you would address me formally, and as we get to know each other the more informal it becomes.
But with Yahweh, the formal title of “God” depicts what He is, but not who He is.

-David Sager


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