To leave a note

Per chance this post is saved and kept on an archive in deep cyberspace for the rest of the human existence….
Let us imagine, knowing what little I know, that somehow I will have somewhat of an impact on those around me, but in twenty, thirty years, I might not. In the span of a few years time any influence I gain could be lost. Nonetheless, if I could leave one message, one saying, any piece of information for whomever should cross it…. my thought that I would want to leave this world is:

Revival starts here, with you, right now.

A simple statement. One that could fit in a tweet. Yet so true. May the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, the everlasting Prince of Peace, eternal Son, Savior of the World, member of the Trinity, Hope for the Hopeless, blessed one from eternity to eternity, the one who died for you, be upon you and light a fire within your soul to kindle/rekindle the fire of passion in your life. Amen.


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