The desire goal

Desire, desire, my sweet passion of fire
Consuming my thoughts constantly bought
The purchase of vain, yea all is insane
Answer me the thoughts that are beyond
Give me reason to doubt that I belong
Given the chance I would give it up
If only to find the one thing I truly desire above all else

What do you desire the most?
What is it? Do you even know? Have you ever talked to yourself and figured it out?
Why or why not?
Are you living in bliss, like a kiss tender on the lips?
Or do you wrestle till you find your true desires?
Which one?

I wrestle with my desires.
I know what I should want… But I don’t chase after it.
I know what I should avoid, But I love it.
Weighted by my failures and challenged by my lack of vision,
I’m here holding on to the things keeping me from Holy restoration.

You see I know in my head who controls the world
I claim with my mouth that I serve the God who can do all things
But lest I believe it, what good do I do by saying it?
How can I believe in a power greater than any other if I never surrender?
Do I truly mean I will follow if I don’t think He can deliver?
Who am I that I would claim to know His ways?
Who are we to understand the eternal vastness of His wisdom?

No my friends, I dare say we truly do not understand faith.
We cripple it in our pride.
We argue point vs point, time after time, consumed on being right.
Forgetting that our God evermore uses the foolishness of Man to dumbfound the wise
His foolishness is far beyond our ways
Yet we question Him everyday

I’m not saying I have all the answers.
I’m just asking the questions.
For the only statement of worth I wish to make
Is the following for our sake:

Imagine our finite minds.
Imagine the infinite creator.
Can an hourglass hold all the sand of the Arabian desert?
Can a gallon jug hold the ocean?
Can man glimpse at God’s face, look into His being
See the Eternal vastness and great Holiness of Yahweh and live?
Even if it wasn’t His glory that shattered your life
I dare say your finite mind cannot hold the infinite and live
If this is the case, could you, would you
Seek God and want to see Him with such a desire
That you would risk your life, and accept death
By wiped from the face of the earth
For a single glimpse of The God who created you?

Knowing that all your life, all the life you sacrificed
The existence you threw away, was worth the split second of seeing The Ultimate being
The God of Abraham,
The God of Isaac,
The God of Jacob and his sons

That is where I want to be.
That is the desire I wish to seek.
To want him so much that I would give up anything and everything
For one glimpse of Him

-David Sager


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