Do you share your faith?

I’ve been pestered with this thought for a few days now and I want to write it down. Hopefully anyone reading this will be challenged to ask themselves deeper questions even as I am beginning to ask myself these questions.

The other day I read something about sharing one’s faith. It didn’t settle in immediately but then yesterday it came back around with a guest speaker in one of my classes. He challenged us to share the Gospel, because it is God’s word that changes people’s lives. As he put it, “You have the ultimate power to change someone’s life. Do you honestly believe that?”

Do You Honestly Believe That God Can Change someone’s life?

Stop right there. Have you shared your faith? Recently or ever? Why do “Christians”, especially conservative evangelicals in western cultures have a high percentage of “church members” that don’t share their faith? -That will lead into a topic for another time about my opinion. For now ask why?- Why do I, David Sager, struggle with sharing my faith?

There are several options one can conclude from these. While I firmly believe that my faith is grounded and true, we will push on to what I think is what keeps me, and others like myself from being faith-sharing, passionate believers like the early church. This is why:

I believe we (collectively as “Christians” in western culture) have issues sharing our faith because we have not fully experienced the Holy Spirit. Meaning this, we have created an environment that allows us to sample (or taste if you will) the Spirit of God. We do not allow ourselves to be poured into so much that we overflow and in exuberant adoration of who God is and tell others of the joy we have found. This is done because we sit at the table and instead of diving into the buffet and swimming in the delight of the food we grabbed a little snack from the food and we are content to nibble instead of fully eating. We are scared of what would happen if we take to much. For whatever reason our selfish nature is terrified that if grab too much that other people will want our food. Our minds forget that this buffet of is endless and we can go back for more, and more, and more. Through it all we chew on the small sample we have and are oblivious to the fact that we haven’t moved into the great food of the banquet. It is as if the tiny grapes and cheese squares were to compare to the best steak, chicken, spaghetti, ranch dressing salad, ham, turkey, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, lasagna, pork,  lamb, and chocolates ever imaginable.

Please just stop and think about it. Why are you holding back on sharing your faith? Why am I?
If we conclude that we are believers, we are saved, we have encountered God in some way, what is holding us back? Have we not acquired a hunger for His food? Are we so content with being a glass that is never full and overflowing? Though we believe do we really act and put our faith to the test to test if we deeply believe it is true. I’m asking these questions about myself. Have you?

-David Sager


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