Easter #Neverforget

The central theme of Easter is the resurrection (rising from the dead) of Jesus Christ. This is the hinge on which the whole good news of forgiveness from God, Yahweh, comes with hope to those who profess (claim) Jesus Christ of Nazareth as God-in-flesh, the Son of God.
There is no hope in Christianity if Christ is not raised from the dead. In fact those who suffer for their Christian faith do so in vain if there is no resurrection. For if there is no resurrection then in what do we hope for? We trust then the words of a man who died and left an unfinished work that is impossible to achieve in only the strength of man.

No, Jesus did not stay in the Grave. On the third day He was brought back to life. The sacrifice made before the alter of Heaven was eternally satisfied by God’s offering. Going above and beyond the call of duty, He became detestable for us. Giving up His rights He cane and took our punishment. Though we broke His law, hurt Him, rejected, tried, denied, and accused Him of wrong He still took our penalty.

That leads us back to the resurrection. The law was broken. The infinite weighed itself on the balance of justice causing Mercy and Grace to tip the scale. Christ won the war for us to have a personal relationship with God in that decisive move. Being raised from the Dead Christ was given the name that is above every name. He was reported alive by over 500 people in the course of 48 days after His resurrection. This is our hope, to have new life. To surpass death into a move to be with God. We have been given the opportunity to be made alive, to be resurrected from the dead and believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Our sins were paid by the blood that was shed, but our lives have hope in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Never forget the resurrection.

-David Sager


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