Prayer Prevails

Last week and into the weekend God gave me the most wonderful seat in the world. It was not the best or even a pleasant situation but God had me there on purpose. It is not my story to share so I will give you the aspect that I can share: God doesn’t need my help.

Pride is something most of us struggle with, I do. My pride wants to take situations and “help God out” with my perspective. Last Thursday life went into an upheaval, in a good way. Yahweh answered a prayer that has been on the lips of my Parents and on mine for quite a while. While doing this I learned about some of the issues that would be coming into play. I talked with a brother vaguely about the issue, and he was dealing with a similar situation. What he did for me after midnight on Friday morning was incredible. Stopping everything he said, “Come, let us pray.” To be honest I am just coming out of a time of desolation where God has felt distant. But that night. That night the Spirit flooded my soul and I cried out to God. I cried out begging, “Abba Father, You see this situation. You see what it is doing in my life. Oh God I need you.” I prayed with my brother for thirty minutes. The next day I asked another brother to pray with me. Again I cried out. Praying scripture, calling on God to uphold His promises. His truth. Knowing that He already claimed He would. But asking for His promises to be true in the current situation. Each night… I teared up and wept. I wept. I cried and I cried and what happened? As if I needed to be showed all over again how Yahweh is personal and answers prayed He placed me in the right moments at the right time to see answers to prayer. Three distinct prayers answered within 12-48 hours of praying for them. I have been blessed to see His hand at work. It is not I but God who works in the hearts and lives of man.

Not only did I see God work in others lives, I saw Him work in mine. The anger, anxiety, stress, and hatred disappeared. I did not have control, but I saw the hand of the Star-Breather in action. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing can beat His power.
I’ve seen miracles happen, eyes opened to truth, hearts of the bitter let go, words of love fall of the tongues of saints, the love of The Father in man, and the unconditional love of Christ displayed in so many ways… and it has only been a week! This is not to say that I have not seen it before, but it is to say I have not felt this close connection and community between the people involved and the prayer warriors who helped in this battle.

The war is not over. We just dealt with one battle. We have a long way to go, but God is able. He is our fortress when we are weak. He is our strength. I don’t have to do anything besides letting Him do His work. All I have to do is be a servant willing to go and do only as He commands.

Prayer warriors, thank you. Prayer has never been my strong point, and sadly for most “Christians” it probably isn’t. Yet it is the most powerful power we as believers have. There is something about falling down on your face or your knees before the King of Kings that opens the gates of communication unlike other times.  My challenge to you, dear reader, is to not give up praying. Keep battling. Your fighting against demons and the powers of darkness. You need to be in line with your commander and start prepping for battle. The enemy is here. Its time to buckle down and fight the powers of darkness.

-David Sager


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