Creative final for intro to disciple making 2016

Creative final Project – Intro to Disciple making


  • The city
    • Diversity
      • 70+ Communities each with a little different culture to each one
    • Sites to see
  • Hurting
    • Moody
      • Room
      • Floor
      • Dorm
      • Campus
    • Chicago
      • Stats
        • Homeless – over 125,000 last year
        • Gangs
        • Crimes
          • 110,000+ last year or ~301 a day
            • Over 24,000 were violent crimes
          • 478 per sq. mile vs. 33 nationally.
        • Population: 2.8 million
        • Moody: 1,600 undergrads
        • 1910 registered churches
      • What are we doing?
        • How are we serving?
        • Are we getting out?
        • Too comfortable on our chairs in our dorms?
        • Jaded apathy causing heresy?
        • Thankfully God does not count our “how many people got saved by you”




From sunrise to sunset, let the Lord’s name be praised! – Psalms 113:3 CEB

Your mercies, Oh Yahweh, are new every morning. Your steadfast love never ceases. – Lamentations 3:22-23

Chicago the windy city

In a city that never seems to be without the Unruly

The city of diversity | a city of corrupt activity

Over 70+ communities that bring a unique culture

Every corner of the world is congregated together

America the great? not everything is perfect in this city


Life is not easy | there is pain in our lives

In our rooms, on our floors, our dorms and our lives|  the college campuses cry out in misery

But the pain doesn’t stop at my campus…

Last year over 125,000 people were homeless in Chicago

Gangs run the streets, fighting the police, and disciple the children into bloody families

110,000+ crimes in one year | Wait what? That is 301 a day if you didn’t hear

When an average of 478 crimes happen per sq. mile

And yet we still wonder why the city is crying?

What are we doing?

Go therefore into all the world, preaching the gospel. To Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the utter most parts of the world. – Acts 1:8

Thankfully Christ does not judge us by how many people become believers under our supervision.

On that cross 2000 years ago, Mercy and Grace embraced to awaken us.

To create lights in a dark world | Your love found me where I was. Where I am.

1600 moody undergrads But are we serving?

We go do our P-C-Ms “practical Christian ministries” But how many Moodies prefer to say my “Obligated – inconvenience that I only invest in because I HAVE TO?”

Have we become so jaded that apathetic that we wallow in hypocrisy and heresy?

Preaching Jesus and living like we don’t care at all?

Go make disciples – Jesus said

How many of us leave campus and meet others?

Are we too comfortable in our dorms, sitting on our chairs watching Netflix?

I’ll stop for a second to say Moody, we aren’t the only lights. It isn’t by “our power” that lives are changed

We stand with 1910 registered churches in this city…

Yet Chi-raq is still bleeding out.

I walk outside and I can feel it. I can feel the cries of the hearts without hope. For the ones suffering… yet I don’t want to be inconvenienced

We dare not be inconvenienced. We dare not make eye contact with those we walk past, sit near, and live in existence with.

Why get involved and be sensitive to human beings?

130 years. Yes 130 years Moody Bible institute has stood in Chicago

We are at war. We stand in the middle of Chi-Raq. The “Jerusalem and Judea” we’ve been placed in at this moment.

I’m not asking for one person to reach 2.8 Chicagonians. Jesus isn’t asking you to reach all of them. Perhaps could you invest in the life of just one person?

Ask yourself what are you doing with the time God has given you?


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