Disengage of hearts

Classes have ended. Finals begin next week. Here I sit in the plaza of Moody Bible Institute listening to a worship band leading in musical praise. A question was asked of me during the set, “What do you think God is feeling right now, looking down on us?” After pondering it for a second I responded with “I how many people are sitting here and God is seeing praising lips, but their hearts are far from Him?”

How easy it is to critique others, but how often do we lie through our teeth singing the songs, chanting our creeds, doing our “participation” but never having our own hearts right with God. So many things can cause a disconnect and it is hard to surrender and let go again.  I encourage you to  take a look into your own life and make sure that your heart is in the right place as you come before God. When you notice it is out of place take the necessary steps to correct that. A heart tender and sensitive to where it stands before God is what King David expressed and was commended for.

-David Sager


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