Modern psalms

Praise be to the one true God in Heaven.
None are like you, Elohim.
Day after day You sustain the universe.
Your laws set physics into motion and hold down the laws of existence.
You breath and life comes to be.

Lord God, I ask for Your eyes to look upon me.
To see the trouble set before me.
Adonai, You have set kings free, built empires, and listened to the poor and weak.
Now God hear my cry.
I am unworthy to come before you, but have come because You have said to come.
The trials in my life are abounding.
My heart is filled with a whirlwind of emotions.
My enemies are rising. They laugh behind my back, lie to my face, and think their sin is hidden.
They spread rumors and lies. Their heart is far from You, oh God.

My petition, Father in heaven, is that You would hold me back from my anger. Do not let me seek mine own vengence.
Grant to me patience and kindness to bestow even on those who wish to harm me.
Take my anger and replace it with mercy.
Let me see my enemies with your eyes.
Please sustain my heart and give me the strength to endure their taunts, malice, and evil.
May I be a light that shines for You.

But I also ask Lord to hold onto Your promises.
If my enemies do not turn to You, I ask you remember the wrong they have done to Your children.
I ask that Your vengence be poured out, that you would pull the foundations of the earth from under them. Let them plummet into the abyss, and into Your judgment.
Remember their arrogance, lies, and treachery.
Only if they repent before Your return forgive them, but after that make them know that You alone are my Rock.

God of Seth, Methuselah, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedek, Isaac, Jacob, Samuel, David, Father of Jesus, Lord of my Father, and his father, to You alone praise is due. Hold me close, let me learn to reflect You and Your character. Amen.


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