Personal Psalms

Though trials befall me, still You hold me.

When darkness surrounds me, when I no longer can see, when my heart fails, still You hold me.

You alone can lead me. When my emotions pull me into the abyss, Yahweh You pull me out.

In the deep crevices of my mind You see me.

If my heart drags me into the evil mire of sin, You see. You know.

Yet when I fail instead of condemnation You offer Your hand.

For so long I resisted, insisting before You could help me that I must stop drowning.

I did not see the shackles around me, Or my enemies circling me.

Poison filled my veins. my vision was tunneled. Distracted were my thoughts.

The priorities were out of line, the evil of my heart rejoiced. My depravity was ever before me.

When You decided enough was enough, You flashed Your glory in front of me.

The glimpse opened my eyes.

I saw my own depravity. Ashamed I let go and cried for Your help.

Before I could comprehend You pulled me close to You.

I clung to You, desperate for security. In need of You.

But I never saw Your face full on. When You set me down I turned up to see You.

I saw glimpses. But I wanted more.

Continuously I get distracted. But I come back and want more of You.

I want You, and You alone to satisfy me. I want to see Your face, full on. To see You in Your Infinite stage.

I want it Lord. I want to truly know You.

I’m tired of the shallow heart in my chest.

Exhausted of shallow friendships I want the deepest touch I can get from You.

Just give me more of You. Let me find You.

Adonai, You say if one cries out to You, that You hear. Your word says that You satisfy us.

That You alone are worthy, that You alone are infinite. I ask You to be true to You, and to Your word.

Satisfy me with You, Come to me for Only You can transverse the gap between us.

Be my God, and hold my heart in Your hands.

Do not let me go, Oh Lord. Hold me. Never let me go.

For You are a Fortress for the weak.

All praise be to You alone, Yahweh!

Rejoice all nations to Elohim!



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