Day one #InternationalTravel

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Day one… or rather One & Two… but that doesn’t really matter.

The adventure starts off with 4am on Sunday, May 29th in Eastern Standard time. I woke up and left with my dad to Purdue Memorial Union to catch a limo to Chicago’s O’Hare airport. I arrived by 6am Central standard time. My flight did not leave till 3:50pm central time, but that was the only shuttle to get me to O’Hare before my flight. Once I arrived at the airport I spent the next 7 hours waiting on the rest of my traveling companions. Seven hours of sitting, walking for the sake of walking, and grabbing a Italian Slam from the Goddess and Grocer shop at Terminal 5 before I saw the people I would spend the next two months with.

Once we found each other the blur of motions pursued as we started our mischief through security. 1pm Central time we through the challenges, dog sniffing, unpacking our carry-ons and getting to gate M5 at 2 something. After taking a brief nap my parents called to say the last goodbyes while I was state side. By 3:30 we boarded our flight and took of before 4pm. Once in the air I enjoyed watching a movie, which was bloodier than expected, though I could care less about that, and listened to my favorite female pop artists while resting. After six hours we landed in Dublin Ireland, around 5am their time.

Nearly two hours later we were on the next flight and headed to Rome. The take off view of Ireland was fantastic. There is a true reason why everything Irish is green. This flight was dominated by my exhaustion and sleeping for most of the 3 hours. Upon my awake I was granted the glorious view of Italy from the small windows beside me. Being half asleep I found it remarkable when the clouds and the mountains in the distance seem to fuse as one image due to the snow caped tops. We landed and enjoyed the nearly 11am morning with the bag hunt. Which didn’t last long until we realized Kiara the Guitara was missing. Named keeper of the Tune I proclaimed our loss and the strategic and diligent Dr. Litfin saved the day by searching high and low till he found her and brought her back into our company. At this point the two professors, and twelve students (myself included) left to get on our tour bus and head to the hotel.

We are staying in a Best Western right next to the Metro here. They say Rome is the eternal city, well they have one thing right, after thousands of years the art, architecture, and beauty of Rome still shines bright. We visited several sights, explored different parts of the city and headed into an area to find Coffee.
Who would have thought that on the first day in Italy I would eat Italian Pizza, drink a Italian Caffe Latte, and eat Italian Gelato? That was a treat in of itself.

I’ll tell you a side note, the Metro system here is brilliant. One GIANT car, don’t break it up and lose room, make room and connect them all into one car. Then put hand rails in the middle of the “between seats sections” that people get shoved to in other places and have to rely on people catching them. The Italians have this all figured out.

Any ways the art is beautiful here. The churches are HUGE. The architecture makes you feel like you are walking into the past then the technology reminds you that you are in the present. It is mind boggling. The people also speak English very well. Apparently they all picked up that silly American tourists would love coming here and are well prepared. I’m glad in one sense, but I still wanted to pick up some Italian before I leave.

Any ways besides for a combined nap time of 5 hours I haven’t slept in 37 hours. I’m tired, I have homework to do, and my body wants sleep.
Thanks for reading.

Keep following me @DCSager on Twitter, and Instagram, Follow me at, go find DCSager Productions on Facebook and go look at my adventures. At the end of the Summer I’ll compile a video to show what happened and later you will see scenes replayed in my Theme Song Year Video that I am working on. Tootles!

From Rome with Love,
David Sager


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