What I call Day 2 #InternationalTraveling

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Breakfast at a Best Western in Italy: superb. It is Italian food, so even the most unhealthy thing is still healthier than American food. Right? That is what I’m telling myself. Anyways after breakfast we decided to hit up the Metro(subway, train, whatever you call it) to the Colosseum. Long story short, Italians have a great system they just need more lines.  As in two lines is not enough to support their freaking system. Why? Cause it was loaded. I mean I was practically laying on top of people to get in the doors, and these people were suspended by others. It was a nightmare. I got off at our transfer stop, Termini, only to walk into a dozen police officers and at least four military guys. All of the sudden they were kicking everyone out of the station. But get this! … My group and I were separated. I tried waiting for them but Termini has four exits and I guess I just missed most of them because I saw no one.

So here I am without a group, without my ticket to the Colosseum, holding my items and not knowing which way the Colosseum was. Luckily I years in Russia kicked in and I started with option 1: Find Wifi and see if I can get contact info for Dr. Litfin. Best shot: McDonalds. Of course they have free wifi there… but only after you register with your credit card (unless you have a European cell number). Sounded kinda sketchy to me. So I saddle up my bags and walk till I need directions, ask a dozen people where to go to the Colosseum get all my directions in Italian besides one guy and head on. It didn’t take long before I found fantastic places to go and see, but still no Colosseum! Finally an officer pointed out the way and said walk for ten minutes and I would find it. Sure enough there it was!

The Colosseum, a fantastic architecture piece that stands high and mighty above the surrounding area. because for at least a hundred yards there is only ruins and Constantine’s Arch. Once I arrived I started searching for my group. Hoping to find someone, anyone really. After 15 minutes I found our tour guide who said she sent the others in and they were almost done and so I could not get into the Colosseum before they would be ready to move on. In essence: I’ve been there. I just haven’t been IN there. Sad… but oh well. I’m a pretty chill guy, I’ll deal with it.

Once we moved on from there we explored some ruins, met some guys from University of Arizona, and had them take our group photo. Then we left for the Roman Forum, and headed out of that area for lunch. I had one of my top checklist priorities happen today: Have Spaghetti in Italy. DONE! It was okay. To be honest my sister, Dawn, makes a Spaghetti that would make these Italians worship her like a goddess of food. They have no idea what they are missing out.

Afterwards we headed into the Church-Ception building: St. Clemente basilica. Talk about a Church on a church, on a house, on a warehouse. It is ridiculous. Go explore it if you get the chance it is crazy how many buildings this place has held, and how many ruins are still there.

Then we explored. Explored. Had more Italian Gelato, explored. Explored. Finally some guys went out to have a guys night exploration. We passed by an Irish pub in Italy. I know it sounds silly, but I was like, “Say wha?” I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me more than Irish pubs in America, but it did.

Thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed Rome. I have seen beautiful, after beautiful architecture. I have experienced amazing food, and am developing new friends. The most surprising thing to me is how much of a tourist town Rome is. So many foreigners… I honestly can’t even tell who is Italian and who is not anymore.

Anyways it is 1:20am here and I’m exhausted, sore, and in need of sleep.
Audios mi readers!

From Italy with love,

David Sager


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