Day 3 #internationalTraveling

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Day three started off with myself waking up an hour before my alarm… 6am. Which is not bad, just exhausting when you are jet lagged, exhausted, and walking miles, upon miles, upon miles each day.

The first thing after waking up is I get to experience one of my two roommates, Jay, talking in his sleep. First he mumbles something like, “My name is….” followed by a very flirty, passionate, “Santa Baby”. I about died laughing but restrained myself realizing that he sleep talks and sings. After a bit I started getting dressed and he bolted up grabbed his covers and as he was throwing himself back onto his bed said, “Jesus Christ SuperStar!”. I’m telling you this will be a hoot-n-a-holler! On top of this both my roommates have weird dreams nearly every time they nap or sleep. If you’ve known me for Forever-and-a-Day they are the same type of dreams I used to have. If I can remember some I’ll have to document them and keep them for entertainment blog posts.

Once the adventure started today we headed to several places, my favorite being the Pantheon. There is just something about super tall buildings, wide open space, and giant pillars that takes me back in time and screams, you want a place like this to live. I felt as if I had to puff out my chest, roll my shoulders back, and walk with the confidence of a man who controlled an empire. It was a beautiful place. Definitely the most looked forward to piece of architecture I had been waiting to see.

After we left there we saw lots of smaller churches, and gorgeous water fountains. I’ll tell you what, Rome is filled with water fountains. Some of them have great stories behind them. Then besides what I believe is the Brazilian embassy in Rome is a magnificent little church with spectacular depth artwork of marble. It is basically layered to look like a picture but with the depth of the surroundings coming out. So if you had a scene where an angel was flying his wings came out of the wall. I personally thought it was cool.

We got to the Vatican Museum, which is HUGE. You could honestly spend all day just there looking at half the stuff they have. I got to see the Sistine Chapel!! Michelangelo’s art is fantastic. Unfortunately I didn’t fully enjoy it as my body was hungry and I was beginning to suffer from low sugar and feeling light headed. From there we wandered near the entrance and I said goodbye to my group as I needed food, and would not last long without it. -Occasionally I can last a while without food, but if my sugar levels drop it is scary how close to passing out I get. I haven’t fully passed out before but I don’t push it too far. – So I headed to McDonalds, cause where else can one get cheap food, and being we are overseas generally it is better quality of food. Three sandwiches for three Euros. That is what I call dollar menu shopping!! 😀
After being on a two week road trip with my friends I could tell fast food quality from America to Italy. There was not a huge stretch on the dollar menu, but enough to notice that you were eating something better than USA McDonalds.

Of course due to my long search for cheap food, I got to St. Peter’s Basilica 30 minutes before we were to meet up and leave and the line was so long that I decided to pass. Therefore, I’m the only one in the group to not see it. Oh well. St. Peter’s Basilica, I will return one day. I will see your guts and claim victory, until then, rest in peace.

We left there and headed back to the hotel to eat dinner and then I’ve been napping ever since. I tried to keep awake, to do homework. I even fixed myself an expresso… but Nothing could keep me from napping 20 minute increments for 2.3 hours. So now that I am up… I thought I’d write my blog as my mouth throbs in pain from putting in my retainer after nearly a month of not wearing it. But don’t worry I’m all drugged up on Ibuprofen. Which means I really, really, really hope I don’t hit the loopy stage while typing this.

Good bye personal bubbles, hello Europe, I’ve missed your culture!
From Roma with love,

David Sager



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