Day 4 #Internationaltraveling

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Day four:
The day David became Beach Dave and nicknamed Jesus.

There is a plague going around. First day it took one student out, the next it took a professor out, then today two students were taken down but they fought through it for a while. But it’s flowing. The 24 hour hostile throw your guts out sickness is going. But I haven’t gotten it. Hopefully I won’t get it.

This day was an interesting day. To start off here is the back story: Since my road trip out west (the two week trip that ended one week ago) I have been having some interesting knee problems with my right leg. It started on the trip but I did not realize how bad it was till I started walking a lot and doing a ton of stairs. On top of that I’ve developed blisters on my left foot that make it hard to walk on. Which this is like the ultimate combo of chose which pain you want. The left foot or the right knee. Then last night my mouth throbbed in pain from the retainer.

Waking up today I expected a lot more pain in my knee. But thank you Jesus, it was not too bad today.

Breakfast was good as usual. But since I wore the retainer I had to eat softer foods. -jump ahead to tonight, I put in the retainer again, My mouth started to bleed because of the pain. That’s right. I’m not just a pansy, IT WAS BLEEDING. From what? From the pressure of the retainers on the teeth causing them to move on the gums. 4 Ibuprofen in and tonight I feel good. –

We tried to go to St. Paulo church-thingy outside of the Roman wall but had to skip because it was a “Priest, bishop, etc.” only day. The plan is to hit that up tomorrow. Maybe we will… maybe we won’t. I don’t know. When we discovered we could not do that we went to this town called Ostia. It was a port town back in the day but now if full of ruins. So many beautiful ruins. One could imagine life in this ancient town. We saw the burial sights, learned how graves were done in Italy, we saw ancient bathrooms, toilets, saunas, restaurants, and theaters. It was a sight to see. But the best part was the council-capital building that stood high above the others. The air up there felt powerful. You could see for a while as the ruins played at your feet. One could practically feel the pride welling up in you as your gaze swept the ancient city of 800,000 people.

Post that we decided that the beach was for us. The Mediterranean is beautiful. It was my second time to be on the Mediterranean in Italy. I played in the sand, built a Sand castle, and played in the sea. I absolutely loved it. I loved it more than the seagulls and palm tree love I have going on. There was enough evidence of my beach love that they (the Moody group I’m with) started calling me Beach Dave. One girl put it, “It was nice seeing you in your natural habitat”.
I guess I can never have the love of beach taken out me. Born 5-10 minutes from one in Florida, and who knows I might just love beaches.

There is so much to say about the beach and how I love it, but I will have to wait. The Ibuprofen is kicking in and I’m feeling loopy.
Keep us in your prayers, keep Moody Bible Institute in your Prayers, and stay safe!

-From Rome, Italy with love!
David Sager


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