Day 5 #InternationalTraveling

As usual: Self Promotion quote here:: I want to get my name out there. Go like everything. thanks! 🙂 haha

Day five. Well first things first, being away from Europe has made me highly Americanized. I have been shocked on how much of a personal bubble I have developed and how often I apologize. After five days I’m starting to make the transition to European mindset. I’m picking up some Italian and fiddling my way through stuff. It is interesting since Russian culture is so different from American and also so different from Italian. Any ways I feel like I can blend besides for how I am dressing. I obviously stand out as a Westerner. The one thing that is so surprising to me is Americans. -Disclosure, I’m an American… but I only partially identify as an American.- But the Americans on our trip, and Americans in general that I have seen in Italy, are SO FREAKING LOUD and sometimes obnoxiously too. In Italy I suppose it is not too bad, because they can be loud as well, but gee-willackers. I forgot how standout-ish Americans can be. You don’t realize it when you’re in America and everyone is loud, but here… O.O ay ya ya yi yaaai.

I like the people I’m with, don’t misread that, I just forgot how loud American’s can be as a people.

Today we went to San Paulo’s church (basilica) outside the wall and that was gorgeous. One of the most fantastic buildings I have seen to date. There were columns that stood 30 feet high, the main sanctuary was easily 500 feet long or longer. and then there were split off areas. It was phenomenal. Then we followed up with a run to the catacombs. I was expecting a Indiana Jone’s Last Crusade tomb style catacombs but… it is nowhere like that. It is so different and I’m learning from my professors and from the tour guides stuff that contradicts what I grew up learning or suspecting. Honestly it makes me question a lot of stuff about what I will chose to believe. On the bright side I’m learning to love an appreciate parts of Catholicism and the rich heritage, art, and culture it has preserved over the years.

Then we went to a restaurant for lunch that way fantastic. There was the Italian waitress who was gorgeous, super sweet, and she enjoyed the American’s trying to speak Italian words. If all Italian women were like her, I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. Oh and I think there is some sort of plant or tree here in Italy I’m allergic to. Near the Catacombs it was BAAAAAADD. I was sneezing like none other, and had a running nose, and just felt all “Bleeeeeeeehhhhhh”. Once we left I started learning right up. Why I know it was something out side is because inside the Catacombs it wasn’t nearly so bad.

After lunch we went into the Apennine Mountains. We stopped at this camp here, an evangelical bible camp, but wow, the scenery is amazing. I love it. I want it. I could stay here until I realize I need something I can’t get… as of right now… that’s a hot shower. So.. :p Thank goodness we at least have showers, so the 7 guys in one room tonight don’t smell like the hot stinky messes we were after playing soccer and basketball this evening.

I’m feeling scatter brained so here is the food tip: Pizza in Italy = amazing, Pasta in Italy = generally amazing, Spaghetti = not as good as my family’s, candy in Italy = awesome, McDonalds = better than USA, and the Expressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Caffe Lattes are fantastic. Never thought you’d hear that from the President of the Coffee Haters did you? Welp…. Even the Roman Empire fell, we all fall it just is the question on when will you fall.

There is so much to describe and literally there isn’t enough words to write down the wonders I’m seeing only briefly well enough for all of you. My recommendation is to just visit Italy. Just Do It, as Nike would say (or Shia LaBeouf for you Millennials).

I can’t believe it has been nine years since I have been outside of the USA, and ten since I’ve been in Europe. I’ve missed being an international traveler. Maybe I was meant to be a nomad. Or maybe I’m feeling content as I search for the place my heart can rest in and live for a while. Either way, it is good to be in Italy.

From Italy with love,

David Sager



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