Day 6 #InternationalTraveling

Welcome to Day 6. I’m David Sager, you’re host into my life. Please, take a seat, read the blog then go follow literally everything I do on Social Media. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Sound Cloud, etc. Look for DCSager Productions, DCSager, and DCSager Pro.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets start with the day and how Beach Dave also acquired the name: Bleach Dave.

I started off the day with revealing my Blonde days from last year. Those were good times. But now I have gotten not only, Keeper of the Tune, Mega-D, Jesus, Beach Dave, now I also have Bleach Dave. I’m going to have so many nicknames at the end of this that I don’t think I’ll remember my name outside of when I type it here every night.

We played real football (soccer) today, basketball, and did classes. Classes are in the mornings for 4 hours, then we get time to free play and study. Of course guess who got distracted with other responsibilities and fun things to do? Me. Yep, thats right. So I’m I write this It is past midnight and I need to catch up reading. So tonight we will keep it short, sweet, and simple.

Italians love Carbs. I love Carbs. I was born for Italy. Anyways, if I don’t come back to the states I’ll be somewhere in Europe chilling out.

From Italy with love,

David Sager


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