Day 8 #InternationalTraveling

Hello dear reader,

You just made this blog post special. Why? Because you took the time to open the link and read it. Only because of your movement is this placed into any value. In the same respect anytime you follow me, like my pages, etc. etc. etc. You make my content have “worth”. For that I am ever grateful.

Down to business:

Never, ever, ever play what are the odds when there are spiders involved. Why? My friend David Kuntz could explain it better than me. Given a what are the odds, where you would lay down and have a spider (small) about the size of a quarter (legs and all) placed on your forehead he decided that 1 in 10 were great odds. He said 6. Dr. Liftin said 6. David K. got a spider on his face.

Bottom line: gambling does have the potential to bite back. Not everything is worth the gamble.

I think life is always full of surprises. Like new fruit, great locations, amazing new sighs, fun new friends, history lessons that shock your worldview, and body spray for men and women that smells great and is called: sex. I mean really, who thinks, yes lets name this cologne/perfume “Sex”? It did smell amazing. Perhaps they believe their product to be so effective in letting the wearer achieve their physical desire that it became their first choice of naming. I don’t know. However it was, it was hilarious. How did I find this? While doing laundry at a laundry mat we went over to a store and shopped for a bit. It said supermarket on it. It was like mini Kroger/limited Payless, etc. Seeing all my favorite Europe cereals and chocolates again made me smile. Italy might have more differences that I want to admit from Russia but Moscow is very European and there are many similarities.

Over the past few days it has been interesting to see how my friends react to being away from friends and family. The Americans are loving it, but still get a little homesick. Someone asked what food do you miss the most? Everyone gave their answers, but I never did. Because I don’t miss it. I’m fine here. Also common trend, I’m getting to the point where I don’t expect to be included in questions, or opinions. Either because I was too opinionated before or because it is like always, my voice is hard to impress in issues. Perhaps part of it is several people already know each other and they are “aggressive” in putting their opinion and voice to hang out with others into the spotlight. They don’t wait for an invitation they move in.

I’m not like that. I wait. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps I am somewhat shy, perhaps I am not assertive enough. But I’ve grown accustomed to not being heard. I’m used to being ignored. Hence why last day’s blog I was so adamant on telling you all to love yourself. No one is going to hold your hand and make sure you have a good time and make friends. You have to do that. At the same time though, you need to learn to love yourself to the point where you don’t need other’s for your happiness. That is not fair to put that pressure on anyone. Grow up, learn to be content and love yourself enough to find joy in solitude.

Back to today, or rather yesterday now my time. I went to bed and within five or six minutes I heard a goat across the way go crazy. Back story: The goat was pregnant, but I was not told this. The goats are going at it hollering and making such a ruckus that I honestly thought it was possessed. To be honest I locked the door because I was kinda scared. In the morning I found out the goat had been super pregs and had its babies. But that was terrifying.

Classes today gave me insight again to church fathers and others and different details that I had not thought of came into play. It is shocking to “know” something but not have a lightbulb click until later in life. I’ve learned so much in Christian in Western Hemisphere 1 that I’m sitting back scratching my head wondering why it has taken such a long time to figure this out. In the past I have always prided myself in my intelligence and education and here I realize that at some point God decided that either I needed to be humbled or He decided that it was time for me to get deeper.

After class I did laundry, shopped, read, and then we watch Inside Out the Disney Pixar movie. After nearly an hour of troubleshooting with the iTunes HD connection with hardware, to video, and audio issues we figured it out. It was second time to watch it. I enjoyed it. Of course I had to try to hold back the tears as it is a tear jerker.

Well, I’m off to more reading.

From Italy with love!

-David Sager


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