Day 10 #InternationalTraveling

Whatever happened to day 9? Well if you were following me, I went through a space-time continuum portal that passed through the 9th day into the 10th…. Or rather I didn’t have much time due to all the fantastic stuff planned for day 10 that I went to be early and did not write a blog. One of those instances is true. You can guess at which one you want to believe.

Recap of the day 9 adventure:

There is a river… Creek. It is a freaking creek. I’m done with people saying “a river is based on the length” crap. It’s a creek or a river. Length might be the way to “scientifically” describe it. But I’ll hold to my American ethnicity and say, “I’m an American, I can call it whatever I want. Cause that’s freedom!” Anywho, how many times will I be able to say I hiked through a Italian creek and went swimming? Not many, so I went through mud, mud, and dirty looking water, sometimes I thought there were snakes in the water, creek to make an adventure. In short it was a lot of fun, just me. No one else wanted to go. So I went all by myself. Which goes back to the post I had a few days ago: Go be you. Don’t let the world stop you from being you. From being going and having a great time because you went by yourself. You can do it. You can have fun by yourself. Don’t depend on anyone else to walk with you on the adventure of “fun”. Be thankful when they do, but don’t be dependent on it.

Now on to day  10:

Today was a fantastic day. We started off hiking by hiking up a mountain near us. I went up this mountain, not all the way to the top, but pretty far up. I saw magnificent views. I could see mountains all around the valley where we were are staying and in the distance, on the Eastern Horizon there was a reflection of the sun. That reflection was the Adriatic sea. While the journey up the mountain was difficult, and we had several in our group who got sick, or felt uneasy on the climb I kept pushing on… Well rather, my legs hurt, my feet hurt, my ankles were tense, and my lower back hurt, but I made it to the the plateau! Barefoot and all! I saw and heard sheep in the mountain! That was exciting. Sheep. Little fluffy white balls of wool frolicking along with their bells a dinging.

Once we got down from the mountain – which by the way we hiked up the mountain starting at 5:40am, we made it back to breakfast by 8:30am. Followed by a quick packing of lunch and then we were off to the mall where the Americans picked up souvenirs. I grabbed myself a fancy Italian scarf. Because I’m fashionable… or rather cause I’m a Moody-Coffee-Hipster-dude with a Starbucks gold card. That’s right. I’m a goldie. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Well it happened. The way that happened is another story for another time.

Once we finished our 45 minutes in the mall we loaded up our new found possessions and went to the beach. This time we hit up the Adriatic sea, the Eastern side of the Italian Peninsula. The sand was hot, but this beach was loaded with sea shells, and dead crabs. We saw kids running around in there birthday suits, men in speedos, and sometimes they were falling down. There were old Italian women, who imagined they could pull off bikinis, young girls, and even women who were expectant wearing bikinis. Anyways, you get the picture, more skin than suit. We dived in and enjoyed the clear, clear water today. This was  the clearest sea water I have ever seen. It was spectacular. I could see a good six feet deep. Everything was fine and dandy, and beach Dave was coming out of his shell to enjoy the time when!!!! DA DA DA….. I’m walking on a sandbar out in the ocean. The water is up to my chest and I’m chilling out with my Fam, my peeps, my Moody fortunate people to be blessed with my presence 😉 when: A FREAKING CRAB grabbed my foot. By grabbed I mean pinched, and by foot I mean the area where my big toe connects to my foot. Apparently I stepped a little too close for home and he lost it, latched onto my foot, and I felt a lot of pain. I jerked my foot up so fast that I ripped his claw out off of his body. The first sight I see is this 2-3″ white thing on my foot, and without my glasses it looked like it was penetrating my foot. From the shock and pain I let out a not so nice word, at this my friends believe sharks have started eating me and booked it so fast away from me that I thought it couldn’t get worse. When I lifted my foot to look at it, the claw decided that it might be hilarious to pinch harder and close further down on my poor sensitive skin. I swore some more from the increase of pain and ripped the claw off my body. Thankfully it did not break skin. Otherwise the pain of swimming back to shore through salt water might have made me give that Italian beach every English foul word I know.

After that I enjoyed time making sand castles, collecting sea shells, and just being “Beach Dave”. It was a superb long, fantastic day. I got to finish it with a brief call with one of my good friends. Over all, good day, even with the crab instance.

From Italia, with love,

David Sager


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