Day 11 #InternationalTraveling

#MBIEURO16 Go check out that hashtag!

Welcome to day 11’s guide. We shall start off the day with this: Exhaustion. The rainy day brings forth the exhaustion from yesterday. Classes started like normal, after a good breakfast. Expresso made my eyes stay open, and I learned about the Byzantine empire in Christian history. Dr. Litfin “Daaaad” is a great teacher. Our group is going hard on the inside jokes, and nicknames. After class I decided I wanted to go see the Sanatorio San Gabriele, a Catholic basilica in this town. My friend Jackson joined me and we walked in the rain for 6 km (due to a wrong turn on my part). We arrived at the basilica and looked around. The basilica was not as grand as those in Roma, but it was very artistic. There was the old basilica and a new cathedral. The old basilica was filled with medieval art similar to all the famous paintings of Catholic sanctuaries. Of the stuff I saw I think the most surprising was that the basilica was not in dedication to the angel Gabriele but an ordinary “father”, “Priest”, dude named Gabriele. I found it interesting.

I also learned that the shops in small town Italy have weird hours. Banks too. Everything was weird. Side rant- Why are the dogs in two sizes in Italy, small pouch sized or freaking cross-breed with bears. It is almost as if there is no in between. Its one or the other. Freaking bears… If you see a bear in Italy, it may be a dog. Which is worse, a crazy bear sized dog or a bear sized bear? Haha stupid question: thanks late nights, sleepy mind, you’re so good at turning me into a comedian.

After dinner our group was going to go out for Goat on a stick. Which honestly sounds delicious. With all the reading I have to do, and the lack of unconverted Euro’s, or the sound of the place not taking credit card, I passed and went for the studious route. Which enabled me to meet Heidi, a lady who is working here at the camp we are staying at who is helping with the English camp. She’s from South Africa. I learned that my trained ears in accents is not in tune enough to pick up the difference between a British accent and a South African. On the bright side it is a really cool accent to hear. It is always fun to meet new people and interact with them in smaller settings. Away from the chaos, and in the solitude of small conversation while working on homework. No obligation to be fully devoted in conversation, but enough to hear a wonderful accent of the English language.

Over all, a good day. 11 km, mostly in the rain, sore feet, great meals, meeting a new acquaintance, and hearing a beautiful English accent (Sorry America, I’m accustomed to yours).

Anywho, I’m doing good. School is good. Life is chill. I’m living the dream. I’m back in Europe. I don’t feel out of place. To be truthful, I feel more at home than I have in the few years.

And who knows, I heard Clinton got the Nomination so… I might not want to come back with both political parties having horrid candidates. Lets go 3rd Party! #ThirdParty #ComeOneANYONEelse

From Italia, with un sacco d’amore,

David Sager


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