Day 14 #InternationalTraveling

Welcome to the last day in Italy and the first day forward… to Switzerland.

We ended our trip in Rome leaving Milan, the Italian fashion capitol. Then headed the four hours towards Credo, Switzerland. It is somewhere near this area: Wilderswil, Switzerland. It was a good time to start off our travels in Prayer, music, devotions, and adoration of the world our Saviour has made.

I can’t begin to describe how much this small family has meant to me in the past few weeks as we worship together. I’ve gone so long without a church “family” that I am happy and content to have this church family here. Ideally we will naturally bridge the gap and invite our new students, the “Swiss kids” the same love and acceptance. This is a great test to our acceptance of “outsiders” to the “Christian family”. In the next month and a half I expect all of us to develop a unity that if we could carry on to wherever place God puts us we would be pretty well set.

As much as I love the beach I will say that the views so far in Switzerland are breath taking. Mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. This is a gorgeous area. You should come out to see it at some point. I can’t describe it justice. If you have ever seen Lord of the Rings, imagine Rivendale x2, with the mountains from the pass before Moria all over. It is glorious. As my friend Connor put it, “I don’t see how anyone who lives here could deny a creator. Especially with all this natural beauty.”

My first class ends on Tuesday. Good luck to us!
Welcome Swiss Kids!
Hello Switzerland, a Sager is here,

From The Alps with Love,

David C. Sager


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