Day 16 #InternationalTraveling

One big happy family. That is the goal of this group. Well maybe not the goal, but that is what I am hoping for. When people do things together, trips, group projects, work, team sports, etc. it has the potential to build up or tear down friendships. There will be conflicts, but you get to practice real world conflict-solving to fix it.

We haven’t reached that point. Right now everyone seems happy, honkey-Dory. I would be a fool to assume that stays that way. Until then though lets focus on all the positive:

I have a fantastic view this morning. Take a look at this puppy:13240004_1049839591748084_7264345842120419366_n

Boom. Welcome to the Swiss Alps. Where everything is beautiful, highly engineered and the whether currently is rainy. I legitimately look outside thinking I’m in the Misty Mountains of Lord of the Rings. Words cannot do this place justice. This place is a wonder bomb-shell of sweetness. Go #MBIEURO16 #STUDYABROAD

At first there was worry between the fam (short for family, short for the original 13) about the integration of the “Swiss-kids” to our family. I was hoping we would show them kindness and so far we have. It is wonderful seeing the love come out of the group. At the same time it is intriguing to see what social cliques are developing. Or at least I should say I find it interesting. As much as I love people, humans are peculiar beings that don’t make sense half of the time. With all the social changes I can already tell that I’m playing multiple sides of mine own personality. Going from one setting and being a passive player, to the next leading the charge. Honestly it is somewhat exhausting to be a ambiguous personality. The chameleon who adapts to the situation he is given. We need a leader, I guess I will lead. We need someone to follow, I am here. It is just interesting. The internal processing is crazy. I’m holding back a lot of it because all these changes are a little overwhelming to process. I just have to take one step at a time and just be me. Which is a basic phrase to repeat: I am experienced in who I am, and need to really process/analyze all this down the road.

Thanks again for joining us on the current news:

I survived today. No crabs. No lobsters, or fish with any claw life thing that pinches. We got up after breakfast and went up into the mountains and got to First (Fe-Urst) where there was a quaint little restaurant and then toured (very little) before we had to head down the mountains for lunch. We took cable cars (Ski lift bubble things), and a train to get to and from our destinations. It was lots of fun. Of course souvenirs are ridiculously expensive here. Like it is absurd the cost of some things. But perhaps since it is a more touristy area that is the price I pay. Oh well life goes on. We only live in this time period once.

That was the gist of today, besides for meeting three of the girls from my future Sister Floor at Moody. Which was cool. In closing I want to weigh in my words on the whole Orlando situation.

  1. Everyone needs compassion. I don’t care if I disagree with the lifestyle of the people who died, they and their families are in need of our respect. As a human more of us should feel sick to think that someone would hurt others.
  2. As Americans you need to be hurting for OUR Family. Not a “high, how was your day? and then shrug them off” family, but a community of people under one nation. we should mourn.
  3. The only way to combat “Radical Islam” as the politicians will not put it, is Christian influence. Minister to these people who are hurting and holding fast that God’s word does not return void. Be mindful and tactful, but most of all radically show how Christ can change the live of you and I, and them ultimately.
  4. Keep praying for the people who were injured and the families of the victims. Losing loved ones is hard. Especially to a tragedy. No words could describe the pain they are going through. So church, lets love them!

We can rally behind the humanity of others and learn to provide for them. Then we will learn to fully submit to the will of God that we should be lovers, and teachers of love in the capabilities that we are given. Don’t slow down for the gospel or taint it will our preconceived notions that we can truly follow it without showing how we radically loving others  in the light of the Father.

Well anywho, I’m going to bed. Good night, greetings from Switzerland,

David Sager.



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