Day 17 #InternationalTraveling

Well today was an epic day of crossing mountains, hiking in valleys, and watching waterfalls. All in Switzerland!

How to begin describing it….

Picture yourself in the west coast, preferably western part of Washington State. Now you see all the pine trees around, but they aren’t everywhere, for here and there Mountains peak up high enough to surpass the tree line. Several of the mountains are snow capped. With glistening snow reflecting the light, dark ominous rocks occasionally protruding through to create distinct lines in the crystal pyramids. Further down the base the charcoal colored layers of rock are cut through with streams of water that resemble flowing diamonds when the light catches it just right. Continuing further you hit the grass the, lush green blankets of plants leading to the trees. To get around you have to follow paths the wind in and around the hills, over and through dangerous ridges, rock walls, and   steep inclines. Thankfully a lot of the area has been reached by the electric trains that resemble a scene from the Platform 9 & 3/4 from Harry Potter. Where the trains don’t lead you can attempt to find cable cars to propel you  through the clouds to different destinations.

This is honestly one of the most spectacular places you can go. If Switzerland is not known as a land of waterfalls, this one area should make it known for that. To my Lord of the Rings fans, one of the areas I am near was the inspiration for Tolkien’s Rivendale. So BOOM! Literally I would consider this area to be magical. Like I said in last nights blog (I believe it was last night’s blog) this is a magical place, like the misty mountains.

Today was sunny for the most part. Fantastic day. Great for hiking. which is what we did. A group of us went as high as we could without paying an extra $60. We stopped 7,650 feet above sea level, then hiked for nearly 3 hours. Took a train to this town near by and walked around and shopped. Once we were done we headed back to the site of our Switzerland HQ in Credo. I picked up some Swiss Tea made from plants from the Joungfrau, which is one of the highest mountains, if not the highest in Europe. I’m excited to taste it sometime soon. I also indulged in my chocolate addiction, buying lots of it today. Because I was “Burdened with Glorious Purpose!”

On a deeper level I’m working out some of the questions I need to start figuring out. I’ll write another blog on that in the next few day. I’ve mentioned the topic before but I feel like I need to write it to figure out what has been playing out in my head recently. Then I always have a footprint on a journey of thought to direct myself through the mind games I’ll be playing to test my resolve soon.

With that I leave you, my readers,
Have a great day, live with no regrets!

From David Sager with Swiss love!


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